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Glass Tools

High-grade glass tools for lifting and handling

Glass is everywhere in construction and fenestration industries. But its unique properties go hand in hand with fragility, so you need specialized tools to keep it intact. That’s where Nobler Glass Technology can help you as a Chinese glass tool manufacturer providing top-of-the-line lifting and moving products for trolleys, forklift trucks, and other machinery and storage equipment. With our tools, you can streamline handling, transportation, and warehousing while reducing the risk of glass damage.

Our lifting tools come in a range of configurations to meet your glass rotating and moving needs. There are many electrical and pneumatic lifters with various tilting angles and loading capacities, allowing you to choose the perfect one based on the type of work that needs to be done.

Nobler Glass Technology also sets out to help as a custom glass tool producer. If our lifters or suckers have lower lifting capacity than you would like them to, we can boost it by adding more vacuum suction cups. Once we customize your tools, you can move, rotate, and lift heavy glass pieces hands-down.

Upgrade your factory with glass tools for safety and labor productivity

Do you still get people to move heavy glass panes and panels with their hands? Revolutionize your processes and save time with our skewers, rotating suckers, lifters, and other tools to handle and transport glass across long distances in a foolproof manner.

With our high-grade glass tools, you can:

●      Reduce the risk of fractures, cracks, and other glass damage

●      Increase labor productivity and simplify manual processes

●      Perform more precise installation of glass panels

●      Move heavy and oversized glass panels

Reliable equipment is the backbone of fenestration, glass manufacturing, and warehousing industries. With that in mind, our glass tools are robust and can be safely used in the production line and during installation.

Smart glass storage with customized glass tools

If you’re into producing glass doors, windows, or portable structures, storing finished products is as important as manufacturing. You should take care of storage conditions to prevent damage and avoid having to get your goods back on the workbench.

Few glass tool suppliers can provide you with all products for handling and stockpiling glass. But besides high-grade lifters, we also have storage racks in different sizes and shapes for short-term and long-term warehousing. Invest in them to move and ship your glass items safely within your facility and beyond!