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What are the features and advantages of glass slings?

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Glass is promising and popular among customers due to its wide range of applications and versatility. While choosing glass, we should consider not only the price but also the varied features of various types of glass, from which we can choose the type most suitable for our home usage. This page will primarily introduce the glass sling's qualities, role, and benefits to help you comprehend it.

glass lifting belt

What are the properties and functions of glass slings?

A glass sling is a high-safety, high-efficiency glass hoisting tool used in the production and transportation processes by glass manufacturing and processing companies. Glass for fragile products, particularly in large regions with a high volume of glass, is where safety is paramount. Glass special-use slings are manufactured following a set of industry requirements to assure the safety of glass lifting.

The use of wooden boxes and wire rope lifting results in a lot of waste in packaging wood, which wastes resources, and the use of wooden boxes and wire rope lifting results in the need to create boxes, unboxing, more intermediate lifting links, tedious work, and low efficiency. Glass special-use slings used to provide bare packaging can be reused, lowering glass makers' costs and enhancing glass lifting efficiency.

The glass sling’s advantages

The glass sling has the following eight unique advantages in its use:

1. The glass sling is light and soft, with a fine outer surface that will not cause damage to fragile objects, is easy to use in small spaces, and is very easy to operate, carry, and store.

2. The glass sling uses highly fiber-rich yarn as the bearing core and adds high-tech material in the inner layer, plus a polyurethane rubber protection layer that is both wear- and cut-resistant, to achieve the safe lifting of glass.

3. The glass sling provides a kind of reusable naked package, which reduces the cost of glass manufacturers and improves the efficiency of glass lifting.

4. The glass sling is evenly stressed, thus extending its working life.

5. A glass sling has a high strength-to-weight ratio.

6. The glass sling can be attached to an anti-abrasion and anti-cut-off protection sleeve.

7. The glass sling has a unique label and uses all standard colors to distinguish the load tonnage, so it is easy to identify when the sling is worn out.

8. The glass sling can be used in a variety of lifting methods, and can also be used to drag the lifted object.

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