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The development of the glass machinery market

Views: 309     Author: zhongle     Publish Time: 2023-03-28      Origin: Site


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The development of the glass machinery market

1. Prospects of mechatronics

Mechatronics, according to current trends, is one of the future development avenues of glass machinery manufacture and design automation. Semi-glass machinery and semi-automation will be the next design and manufacturing paradigm for automation production for glass machinery. The employment of a CNC equipment system efficiently merges computer technology with the production of glass machinery, realizing the mechatronics mode and effectively lowering the number of personnel. The function of glass machinery manufacturing will be more powerful, and the structural system will be more faultless. Furthermore, its production efficiency and product quality will be considerably enhanced, and it will continue to satisfy societal development needs by driving the development of glass machinery design and manufacturing automation.

2. Prospect of networking

The Internet appears to have become a necessity in everyday life. Certain industries have advanced to the point where difficulties can be solved without the assistance of a specialist. Automation in glass machine design and manufacturing, like online teaching, is a developing technology. Although contemporary glass machine design and manufacturing automation are connected to the Internet to some extent, they are not yet optimally networked in the actual production process. Accidents will occur more or less frequently while using glass machinery and automation for production, for example. Even for designers, competent technicians cannot usually be on the production site every day. Just the equipment can be turned off in this circumstance, which has a significant impact on productivity. This is because glass machine design and manufacturing automation are not yet networked. A real network is designed to avoid this situation. Even if the relevant professionals are not on site, the problem can be solved by network technology. As a result, increased integration of existing technologies to accomplish production management and networking of glass machinery manufacturing equipment is an unavoidable tendency.

3. Prospects of virtualization

In the production process, the general processes of conventional glass machinery manufacturing design are to complete the design on the drawing and design the production samples according to the drawing. Finally, before the samples are put into the actual production process, they must be tested and studied to see if they meet the specific functions of the product. All of this, though, takes a long time. The drawings' designs must be regularly improved, wasting significant time and resources. Many of our problems have been solved by computer development, which uses the web to transfer and process all types of data, relevant software for drawing design, and web technology to experiment virtually with the designed virtual product, where you can test whether the designed software meets our technical requirements. As a result, all of the time-consuming processes have been virtualized. Companies will not only save labor and material resources but will also save time and improve the economic efficiency of new product development. Thus, virtualization will become an unavoidable trend in the development of automation in glass machine manufacturing.

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