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How do I install the profiled glass edge grinding machine?

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How do I install the profiled glass edge grinding machine?

The shaped glass edge grinding machine mainly deals with the grinding and polishing of shaped glass edges. It belongs to the subdivision of glass grinding machines and is one of the more commonly used glass machines. With the development of glass technology and society's demand for high quality, there are more and more glass shapes. Besides the common four-sided straight edge, there are also various curved or irregular polygons. Ordinary double-sided machines or straight-edge grinding machines can no longer meet the demand for shaped-edge glass grinding processing, so shaped-edge grinding machines are pushed onto the market.

edge machining

Like other edge grinding machines, the shaped edge grinding machine is also composed of a base, a cross beam, and a grinding head seat. It requires high-speed operation and stable storage of the casting. The square beam is firm and does not deform. The grinding head is harder. The processing efficiency of the profiled grinding machine can be fully utilized. Meanwhile, the thickened square tube frame of the conveying system will increase the weight of the processed glass, and the choice of the motor directly affects the operation of the machine. So, how do you choose a suitable installation site after purchasing a profiled grinding machine?

1. Pre-work preparation

The choice of the site should be based on the size of the edge grinding machine and also consider the number of other processing machines and the space required for the size of the production line. In addition to the space occupied by machinery, but also to set aside enough access, set aside enough "unused space" to facilitate the placement of the original glass and other items.

After selecting the site, you need to prepare the relevant assembly materials for the profiled grinding machine, and the corresponding assembly tools and install the new electrical circuit and drainage system according to the placement rules. To avoid installation errors and damage to the edge grinding machine, professional installers should provide on-site guidance and installation. Before installing the edge grinding machine, check whether the materials are complete, the type and quantity of parts are accurate, and any missing or wrong parts should be supplemented or replaced. It is recommended that the installation site should not have extraneous mechanical parts to avoid unnecessary errors in the use of parts.

2. Installation work

A. Machine mounting

The position of the shaped glass grinding machine should be reserved at the import and export ends, not less than the length of the wireframe. If the processing party has special requirements, such as a long line, the line size should be used as a reference, and the back of the equipment should have not less than 1 meter space to facilitate the maintenance of technical personnel and line processing.

B. Machine level adjustment

The leveling of the shaped glass grinding machine should be based on the conveyor belt. All four sides of the belt should be measured, but keep within mm. If waterproofing of the back side is considered, the back foot of the machine can be raised slightly. (Leveling can be done with a cross pipe or level) The foot pads can be padded with hard stone or steel plates. First pad the four corners of the equipment, then pad the middle feet. Due to the self-weight of the equipment, it runs smoothly. If the customer has no special requirements, there is no need to use expansion screws or wrap them with cement.

C. Machine start-up

If the customer does not arrange electrical wiring, the installer can assist the customer in connecting the wiring from the main switch to the equipment switch. The wire machine must distinguish between three-phase fire and zero wires. For wired noses, crimp the end of the wire, wrap it, and insulate it. Tapes and terminals must be tightened.

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