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What should be considered when transporting a glass?

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What should be considered when transporting a glass?

Glass material variety, better performance, and quality allow it to be used not only as decoration but also as a durable and versatile material. Glass partitions and vehicle windows both require glass as the primary field. Everyone wants it to be smooth and flat, clean and bright. Glass is now the most common decorative material, and it will be used in building interiors and outdoor glass curtain walls. Take a peek at how to carry large pieces of glass, as well as how to transport glass products.

How to Transport a Large Glass

It is suggested to use vacuum glass suction cups or glass sling handling for large pieces of glass.

One of the vacuum apparatus actuators is a vacuum suction cup, also known as a vacuum spreader. In general, using vacuum suction cups to grab the products is a less expensive technique. Vacuum suction cups are safe for the product, do not scratch the glass, and are simple to use.

Glass sling is a high-safety and high-efficiency rate of glass lifting tool used in the production and transportation process by glass production and processing businesses. Glass, when used in wooden boxes and wire rope lifting, creates a lot of waste packaging wood, resulting in a waste of resources, as does the use of wooden boxes and wire rope lifting, which necessitates the creation of boxes, unboxing, more intermediate lifting links, tedious work, and low efficiency. Glass special use sling to provide naked packing can be reused, lowering the cost of glass makers and improving glass lifting efficiency.

Which measures should be taken when transporting glass products?

1. Glass goods must be stored in a dry, roofed room, and rainproof facilities must be provided during transportation, loading, and unloading.

2. Glass goods shall not be stored, transported, loaded, or unloaded in a box that is flat or oblique.

3. When transporting glass goods, should the length of the box be parallel to the forward direction of transport? Also, take precautions to avoid tipping and slipping.

4. When shelving glass goods, precautions should be taken to protect the glass's surface and edges; in general, glass should be shelved on a mat.

5. When shelved glass is subjected to head-on wind pressure or wind blowing, there is a risk of collapse; steps should be taken following the real situation to prevent the glass from being blown over by the wind.

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