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Eight glass lifting tools

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Eight glass lifting tools

There are eight types of glass lifting tools listed below.

glass lifting tools

1. A single-arm glass lifter is mainly composed of a glass bracket, swing arm, balance spring, and fan.

2. Arm-type glass lifter

It adopts a cantilever-type support structure and gear plate mechanism, so the working resistance is larger. Its transmission mechanism is gear and tooth plate, meshing transmission, in addition to the gears of its main components are plate structure. In addition, because of their ease of processing and low cost, the current domestic vehicles are more commonly used.

3. Single-arm glass lifter

Its structure is characterized by only one lifting arm, making it the simplest structure. However, due to the lifting arm support point and the often changing relative position of the glass center of mass, glass lifting will produce tilt and stagnation; the structure is only applicable to both sides of the glass in the case of a parallel straight edge.

4. Double-arm glass lifter

Its structure is characterized by two lifting arms, according to the arrangement of the two arms, which are divided into a parallel-arm lifter and a cross-arm lifter. Compared with the single-arm glass lifter, the double-arm glass lifter itself can ensure the parallel lifting of the glass, lifting force is also relatively large. Among them, the cross-arm glass lifter support width is larger, so the movement is more smooth and is commonly used. While the parallel arm glass lifter structure is relatively simple and compact due to the smaller support width, the working load changes more, so the smoothness of the movement is not as good as the former.

5. Rope wheel-type glass lifter

It includes the meshing of a pinion, sector gear, wire rope, motion bracket, pulley, and seat plate gear.

The drive is fixed in the sector gear pulley, which drives the wire rope, the tightness of the wire rope can be adjusted using the tensioning wheel. The lifter uses a few parts, is lightweight, easy to process, occupies little space, and is commonly used in small cars.

6. Belt-type glass lifter

It uses the plastic perforated belt to move the flexible shaft, and other parts are also mostly made of plastic, thus greatly reducing the quality of the lifter assembly itself. Its transmission mechanism is grease-coated, requiring no maintenance while in use, and moving smoothly. The position of the handle can be freely arranged, designed, installed, and adjusted.

7. Cross-arm type glass lifter

It mainly consists of a seat plate, balance spring, fan tooth plate, rubber strip, glass bracket, active arm, driven arm, guide slot plate, shim, dynamic spring, rocker, and pinion shaft.

8. Flexible glass lifter

The flexible auto glass lifter's transmission mechanism is a soft gear shaft meshing transmission with the "flexible" property. As a result, its setup and installation are more adaptable and convenient, and the structure design is also very straightforward. It also has a small total mass and a compact structure.

If you require any of our glass lifting instruments, please contact us for further information.

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