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Which Sticker Types Are Waterproof?

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Which Sticker Types Are Waterproof?

Waterproof labels and stickers can be quite useful in practically any marketing or branding plan. If you want to take your marketing outside, waterproof labels and stickers can help you communicate a powerful and lasting message.

But which stickers are waterproof, and where may they be used? Is there a distinction between waterproof labels and water-resistant printed labels?

Water-Resistant vs. Waterproof

In general, the vast majority of personalized labels are water-resistant to some degree. At least in the case of those printed on long-lasting polypropylene material and, in certain cases, complete with an oil and water-resistant laminate.

While a water-resistant label can withstand some moisture, both it's adhesive properties and aesthetic appearance are not completely water-resistant. If a water-resistant label is exposed to moisture on a frequent or extended basis, the adhesive and visual attractiveness will deteriorate over time.

Waterproof labels and stickers, on the other hand, cannot and will not be harmed by the presence of moisture. Even when exposed to moisture on a frequent or extended basis, the adhesive and label design remain unaffected.

These are the labels that are used to make stickers that will be utilized in moist and humid situations or when the stickers will be exposed to the elements outside. 100% waterproof labels are designed with durability and longevity in mind, from bumper stickers to window stickers to all forms of outdoor advertising stickers.

What Are the Different Kinds of Waterproof Stickers?

Waterproof stickers are often developed and made with high-quality vinyl. There are two basic varieties of waterproof vinyl available, both of which have the same long-lasting and highly resistant properties:

Waterproof White Vinyl

Vinyl that is clear and waterproof

The only difference is that your design is framed on a white background with white vinyl. Otherwise, the two are identical in their ability to be made in any shape, design, specification, and quantity desired.

Where clear or white waterproof vinyl stickers are adequately created to be tenaciously durable and usable almost anywhere. You can stick them on the outside of your store, use them to convey health and safety warnings to your consumers or use them as a cost-effective alternative to standard product packaging.

All with the assurance of faultless adherence and a beautiful visual appearance, regardless of moisture exposure.

Waterproof Labels (and Water-Resistant Labels) in Common Use

So far, we've discussed a few scenarios in which glass bottle labels with some degree of water resistance might be a good fit.

Another instance where waterproof or water-resistant labels may be required is when marking refillable glass bottles.

Eco-friendly cleaning solutions (such as Blueland) reduce packaging waste by encouraging consumers to refill their bottles rather than replace them. In these circumstances, the product labels must be as long-lasting as the bottles. (Not to mention that the labels may be subjected to frequent spills and splashes.) Waterproof labels may be the best option here. Another example is a hand soap bottle with an appealing label: It's almost certain that it will be refilled and used often, thus the label must be durable.

Do You Require Waterproof Labels for Glass Bottles or Other Containers? Inquire with Your Label Printer

Waterproof and water-resistant labels can safeguard your labels from severe harm. On the other hand, they might not be required at all.

You should not have to make your own decision. The correct label printer will assist you in determining whether you truly require a waterproof label, if a water-resistant label would suffice, or if a normal label will suffice. Whatever the case may be, you will receive the ideal label that both functions and looks amazing.

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