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The value of using a glass-cutting machine

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The value of using a glass-cutting machine

This article on the use value of glass cutting machines discusses the critical role of fully automatic cutting machines in glass cutting, a new technology for glass processing. Today, fully automatic equipment replaces traditional pure labor on the fully automatic assembly line, and machines gradually replace human labor. The all-in-one glass sheet-cutting machine has also replaced traditional glass sheet-cutting equipment with greater efficiency. So, what is the worth of the glass sheet cutting all-in-one machine when you choose it? Click here for Accessories For Glass Cutting.

1. Save manpower and material resources

It can cut labor by more than 50%, and there is no need to calculate the layout staff, which greatly reduces the production cost.

2. Save on the cost of raw materials

Preferred software uses a new foreign algorithm, has a high preference rate, runs quickly, cutting residues can be used optimally, and the cutting scheme is scientific and reasonable.

3. Save time and money

Automatic cutting at a speed of up to 100 meters per minute or more can greatly improve the efficiency of work; there is no idle time, and it is 3–4 times faster than general manual cutting.

4. Save on training costs

In a completely intelligent operation, workers do not need training; it generally takes 15 minutes to master the entire cutting process.

5. Saving maintenance costs

The whole machine system is highly modularized; except for general maintenance such as adding lubricating oil, no special maintenance is needed.

6. Enhance the competitiveness of enterprise products

Precision cutting, to further provide users with high-quality products favorable to the expansion of the customer market, is a symbol of corporate strength.

7. Reduce special business problems

The use of glass cutting software, equipped with cutting, optimizes the layout system with simple operation, high processing accuracy, and an arbitrarily adjustable cutting speed. A large number of shaped galleries, and smooth cutting, so that enterprise cutting is no longer difficult. Therefore, at the same market price, the use of cutting machines can greatly save on raw materials and labor costs.

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