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Routine maintenance of rock plate grinding machine

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Routine maintenance of rock plate grinding machine

A rock plate grinding machine is one of the main pieces of equipment essential for deep glass processing. The quality of the product is influenced to a certain extent by the quality of the edge grinding machine. Therefore, the routine maintenance of the rock plate grinding machine becomes crucial. This article on daily maintenance is a summary for reference only.

rock glass grinding machines

1. On the slide rail and ball screw maintenance

Daily need from fewer to larger specifications, fully automatic open and close at least once, or each group open and close once, gasoline pump fully automatic refueling. Once a month, open the ball screw protection, check the ball screw and slide rail wetting is normal, and clean the glass powder and dirty things.

2. sand motor combination bearing and main drive system gearbox because of often dripping water, dovetail guide at least once a week to carry out oil lubrication. If there is water, glass powder, or other dirty things around the dovetail guide, they should be eliminated immediately to prevent rusting and blocking. The upper and lower gearboxes should be opened once a month for inspection. The upper gearbox is filled with lubricating grease, and the lower gearbox is filled with industrial gear oil of corresponding specifications to ensure that the automobile oil can be scented to the transmission gear.

3. On the clamping frame and water storage tank brush maintenance

The wool brush is cleaned once a day with cold water, less often to avoid injuries from the wool brush due to too much glass powder and solidification, resulting in laminated broken glass. The plastic steel brush is cleaned with cold water at least once a week to ensure that the steel brush is cleaned and handy to clear the laminated glass debris, etc.

4. Snap frame lifting system and main drive system A linear optical shaft lifting system should be opened once a month. The ball screw and nut are filled with lubricating grease, and the middle of the sliding sleeve is filled with 30W-40 car oil to ensure the flexibility of the operation of the clamping frame adjustment. Each group should use a cloth that can remove dirt to wipe clean the glass powder and other dirt on the shaft before going off duty. Afterward, wipe 30# automobile oil, once for each group. Each time after work, move the housing to the middle of the shaft.

5. At the end of the total process and transmission mechanism of the reducer cylinder guide, add 30 pounds of motor oil to ensure that the double stretcher plate against the wheel wins or loses at least once a day. Add 30# of auto oil in the middle of the stainless steel screw and reliance wheel to carry out wet, reduce friction, and improve the operational flexibility of reliance wheel rotation. The worm gear reducer shall be removed and replaced with grease after one week in the first work, and after that, it shall be removed and replaced once every 3–4 months in the work, and the grease shall apply the required industrial gear oil.

6. Rock plate grinding machine motor control part of each electronic component, manipulation route should do regular maintenance, clean up on time, on time maintenance.

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