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How do I choose a CNC glass-cutting machine?

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How do I choose a CNC glass-cutting machine?

Here are some points that you pay attention to when purchasing a CNC glass-cutting machine:

Automatic optimization function

Due to the particularity of the job, people with high education are rarely arranged to work, so the operation of the cutting machine is required to be simple, easy to understand, safe, and straightforward. Optimization should be applied to your actual situation, and you cannot pursue a 100% optimization rate, which leads to a reduction in work efficiency.


According to your actual cutting size, you can choose a suitable model. Don't think that the larger one is better. Because it involves the normal wear and tear of equipment and unnecessary capital investment.

Energy saving

Don't think that the power consumption of the cutting machine is not high, and it will not incur high electricity bills. Over time, you will find how much electricity an energy-saving cutting machine saves for you every month.

Cutting accuracy

Choose according to your actual needs, mainly in technical research such as the control of the cutter wheel. The running-in of the rack and pinion is a reasonable design. the level of the control system. and the measurement in the actual cutting. Only in this way can we fully grasp the synchronous control of the cutting mechanical part and the control system.

Maintenance is simple and convenient

Do not equip too many sensors of input, and output on machinery, and minimize unnecessary switches and indicators, because once a device on the machinery fails, it will affect the use of the

Cutting machine

Cutting speed The speed can only be discussed when the cutting accuracy is met. Since it is difficult for the eyes to judge whether the maximum speed is reached, the software simulation function of the servo drive of the cutting machine can be used to check whether the motor speed can reach the maximum.

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