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How do I adjust the grinding head of the glass bilateral machine?

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How do I adjust the grinding head of the glass bilateral machine?

The glass bilateral machine, also known as the glass bilateral grinding machine, is capable of completing the seat spreading edge, fine edge, Zheng seat flat edge, fine flat edge, fine grinding round edge, and so on. Coarse grinding, fine seating, and executive illumination are all done at the same time on the grinding machine. The grinding wheels used in the double-edge machine are divided into three types: diamond wheels, resin wheels, and polishing wheels, and there are 2-3 diamond wheels and one resin wheel combination on the bottom side of the machine that can be reasonably matched according to the requirements of different processed products.

Double Head Edge Grinding Machine

The adjustment method of the grinding head of the glass bilateral machine is as follows.

1. Adjust the width and thickness of the glass; turn on the glass bilateral machine grinding head motor, be sure to wait for 2 minutes of idle, normal operation, and then test grinding.

2. For example, in a test grinding note, observe the operation of the whole glass bilateral machine, find abnormalities, and stop immediately (press the main stop button), then restart the glass after troubleshooting.

3. Matters such as appearance and size need to be confirmed before mass production.

4. When adjusting the coarse and fine grinding wheels, only 0.1mm can be entered into the grinding wheel and cannot be adjusted in place at one time.

5. If the glass being ground has entered the upper and lower clamp parts and the glass is found to be misaligned or broken, it cannot be directly dialed by hand. (You should stop the glass bilateral machine and lift the upper conveyor belt to take out the glass or break the glass on both sides with a hammer to avoid a collision.)

6. At the end of each shift, close the grinding head motor first and then close the transmission. Turn off the cooling water motor. The broken glass on the conveyor belt and its guide in and out of the roller and other parts should be cleaned up in time, and the water tank and water tank suction nozzle should be cleaned up. Prevent the glass powder from not cleaning for a long time and blocking the cooling water system. Wipe the surface of the machine with a dry cloth.

7. The oil cylinder of the glass bilateral machine needs to be lubricated at least once a week (stator oil), and the oil should be delivered to the mechanical oil pipe system by a manual pressure pump. The linear guide and ball screw must be completely lubricated: the width is adjusted from small width to large width for break-in lubrication. Prevent the long-term grinding of a small glass, which causes memory damage to the guide and screw.

8. For the lubrication of the conveyor belt, please use light machine oil under the synchronous belt with a spray gun to spray a little and add a little.

9. Lubricate the sliding seat of the glass bilateral machine once a week.

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