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Glass Safety When Handling Glass

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Glass Safety When Handling Glass

It is frequently an awkward shape to carry and can be slippy in the hands, resulting in a limited grip. That being said, it is critical to always handle glass with extreme caution to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you at all times and with as little risk as possible.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of lifting glass safely, which is why we are bringing you this blog post today. Whether you are a professional glazier or simply want to learn more about the importance of glass handling, read on to learn how to handle glass safely, how to do it, and what precautions to take when handling glass.

1. Glass for Handling

Handling glass will be part of your daily job if you work in the glazing industry. You must understand how to properly handle glass. Glass is a hazard that can easily cause injury if not handled correctly. Some of the most important factors to consider when lifting, maneuvering, and handling glass safely and as safely as possible are:

Have the proper tools to assist you in lifting.

Wear the proper PPE to protect yourself and reduce your risk of injury.

Be mindful of your surroundings and uneven terrain.

Hire assistance and keep the weight of the load in mind.

Keep in mind how fragile glass is and always handle it with care.

Get some glass transport equipment to help you safely move large glass loads.

2. The Importance of Glass Safety in Glass Handling

If you do not follow the safety precautions outlined above, you endanger yourself and others. Minor and severe cuts and scratches, being crushed, strain injuries, and even amputations and death are all risks.

3. Guidelines for Safe Glass Handling

Take the following points into consideration when handling any glass. These tips will assist you in lifting and handling glass as safely as possible.

3.1 Use Both Hands

Glass is an awkward material to hold, and you can only grip it with your hands. When handling the glass with your bare hands, always use two hands rather than one.

Having two hands on the glass ensures a safer hold and ensures that if one hand begins to slip, the other hand will still have hold of the glass and you can safely navigate it to wherever it needs to go. Carrying glass with your hands is fine for a short period, but if you need to carry glass for an extended period, you should use an appropriate glass lifting tool.

3.2 Keep by Your Side

When carrying glass with your hands or with the help of a tool, make sure it is at your side. This allows you to see where you're going as well as any obstacles or uneven ground in your path.

Carrying a magnifying glass in front of you would obstruct your vision, and carrying it above your head is a no-no. This is extremely dangerous; if the glass were to knock, break, and shatter, it would shatter over you, causing a variety of nasty injuries.

Carrying glass above your head would put a lot of strain on your head, neck, and back. In the glazing industry, we always want to avoid strains.

3.3 Seek Assistance

If you require assistance, request it. Having someone assist you with carrying a load of glass can significantly reduce risks and hazards. When it comes to handling materials as delicate and fragile as glass, which is always prone to breaking, two hands are always better than one. Large sheets of glass should be carried by at least two people. You will need to communicate effectively with one another as you transport the glass to the desired location.

3.4 Use PPE

Wear the proper PPE. If you're working on a construction site, you'll need gloves, safety goggles, steel-toe boots, and a hard hat. Wearing the proper equipment and inspecting it for flaws before putting it on is critical. Wear it until you have a replacement if you notice or suspect a flaw.

4. Nobler Glass Glass Lifting Tools and Equipment

We have a wide range of equipment and tools available to assist you in handling glass safely. You significantly reduce the risk of injury by using the proper tools.

4.1 Glass Lifter Sucker with 180-degree Rotation

With its extendable cylinder and rotation structure, the glass lifter sucker with 180°rotating can turn glass 180 degrees from one edge to the opposite edge. This glass suction lifter is ideal for grinding and polishing edges for tempered glass, insulated glass, louver glass, and so on. It is suitable for straight edging machines, especially for glass that requires two edges polished.

4.2 Trolley Lifter Sucker

The glass trolley lifter or trolley sucker is another name for the trolley lifter sucker. It does not require any electrical power, and the indoor and outdoor movement of glass can be completed by hand. It is suitable for heavy-duty installation outdoors and the glass with large-size handling in the workshop, and the trolley lifter sucker are quick and easy to use.

4.3 Electrical Glass Lifter Sucker X Type

This type of electrical glass lifter is powered by a DC 12V battery, which does not require a cable connection. In the event of a power outage, the pressure-maintenance function will be activated with light and sound to alert workers to take emergency action.

4.4 Pneumatic Glass Lifter Sucker with Tilting Function

The horizontal deep processed glass machine, such as the horizontal tempered glass furnace, horizontal glass drilling machine, horizontal bilateral glass edging machine, and other deep processed glass machines, is suitable for the pneumatic vacuum glass lifter sucker with a tilting function.

Nobler Glass Technology CO., LTD is a leading provider of glass storage and transportation solutions. Our company was founded in 2005, and we are now engaged in researching and producing various glass storage racks, glass lifter suckers, glass transportation tools, and glass grinding, drilling, and polishing wheels to meet the needs of various customers. We have provided products and services to over 1000 customers both at home and abroad for glass transportation and storage.

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