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Description and maintenance of the glass grinding machine

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Description and maintenance of the glass grinding machine

The glass is windproof, translucent, and performs consistently. The different varieties have diverse properties based on the situation and have a wide variety of uses. While selecting glass, we should consider not only the price but also the type and performance of the material so that we may find a more suitable material. In this essay, we will go over the basics of the glass grinding machine and how to maintain it.

glass grinding machine

Glass grinding machine points to explain

1. For a variety of newly purchased edge grinding machines, you must read the instruction manual before use. Only after understanding the transmission principle of the machine, a variety of handles, hand wheels, electric buttons, water, and gas regulating valve functions, and machine maintenance knowledge can one operate the machine.

2. The grinding head of the glass grinding machine has a great influence on the grinding quality of the glass. The position and moving gap of the grinding head have been adjusted at the factory. When used, the rest of the grinding head generally does not move to avoid affecting the grinding quality. In addition, the backward position of the grinding head is not easy to make too large; otherwise, it will easily damage the waterproof sleeve, cause water leakage, and burn the motor.

3. The adequacy of cooling has a great impact on the grinding effect. Be sure to check whether the cooling pipe is blocked. Especially the pipeline of the linear grinding machine is easily blocked by the bristles, and the blockage is not easily noticed, which will cause insufficient cooling and affect the quality of the grinding machine.

4. The stepless transmission used in the glass grinding machine must be in the open state during speed regulation; otherwise, it is easy to damage the stepless transmission of the grinding machine.

Second, how to maintain the glass grinding machine

(1) When you find water leakage, electricity leakage, or oil leakage, you should stop the machine to check and take measures.

(2) Pay attention to the working condition of the instruments and meters, whether there is a strange sound in each part.


Clean the equipment and remove the debris not related to production. 1 day/time

Replace the circulating water to avoid blocking the pump and water pipe with glass powder. 15 days/time

Lubricate the chain, gear, and screw. 1 month/time

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