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Why is tungsten carbide best ground on a diamond wheel?

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Why is tungsten carbide best ground on a diamond wheel?

Let's first gain a general understanding of the types of materials that can be ground on CBN and diamond grinding wheels for workpieces. Glass, ceramics, stone, silicon material, ferrite, semiconductor materials, etc. are just a few examples of hard, brittle non-metallic materials that may typically be processed using diamond grinding wheels and diamond tools.

Hard materials, notably ferrous metals like high-speed steel, stainless steel, hardened steel, and high-carbon steel, are processed primarily using CBN grinding wheels. In essence, CBN wheels grind most metals, while diamond wheels grind the majority of non-metals. The question, therefore, becomes: Is cement carbide a metallic substance?

Because tungsten carbide is the major component of cemented carbide, it is also known as tungsten steel.

Given that cemented carbide is a type of metal, why is it that a CBN grinding wheel can grind most metals but a diamond grinding wheel is required to grind cemented carbide?

While grinding steel, the diamond grinding wheel is said to be prone to carbonization. However, this is not the case while grinding cement carbide.

Cemented carbide differs from other metals in that it is an alloy substance composed of hard compounds of refractory metals and bonding metals using powder metallurgy.

Another feature of cemented carbide is its low toughness and high brittleness. Diamond grinding wheels are ideal for hard and fragile materials.

This is why making integrated tools with complex forms using cemented carbide is challenging. They are frequently produced into various forms of blades, which are then put on the cutter body or mold body via welding, bonding, mechanical clamping, and other means.

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