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What is glass machinery?

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What is glass machinery?

Glass machinery primarily refers to industrial machinery and equipment used in the production and processing of glass. Glass machinery is classified into two types: cold treatment equipment and heat treatment equipment. Glass cold treatment equipment primarily consists of glass cleaning machines, glass grinding machines, and Gude glass polishing machines, among other things. Glass heat treatment equipment primarily consists of a tempering furnace, a hot bending furnace, and so on. to treat the glass's surface. to deal with the glass's internal structure.

Glass machinery is classified into several categories, including float production lines, lattice production lines, tempering furnaces, homogenizing furnaces, sandwich lines, hollow lines, coating lines, screen printing equipment, glass grinding machines, glass cleaning machines, automatic Goode glass polishing machines, polishing machines, loading tables, cutting machines, drilling machines, engraving machines, and so on. Glass cleaning machines and glass grinding machines are the most common.

The working principle of the glass grinding machine is as follows: The blade on the high-speed rotating drum taps a tangential sand stream at a speed of 18 m/s. The sand hits the slowly moving transparent glass surface through acceleration. The sharp sand impacts the glass surface into tiny craters, resulting in a frosting effect across the glass surface. Depending on different hardness types and different shapes and sizes of sand, there are different treatment effects on the glass surface.

Glass grinding machines are mainly applied to the processing of glass furniture, architectural glass, and craft glass, and are one of the earliest and most widely used types of cold processing equipment for glass. It is mainly used for grinding and polishing the bottom edge and chamfer of ordinary flat glass. Generally, there are manual, digital display control, PLC computer control, and other configurations.

The glass drilling machine is specially used for glass drilling machines and is mainly divided into a base, an operating table, a drill bit, a motor, etc. It is an ideal drilling machine for glass processing enterprises because of its large drilling diameter and large overhanging space. The working table is low in height and easy to operate, and the lower drill adopts pneumatic speed regulation for stable speed.

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