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The basis for the selection of vacuum suction cups

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The basis for the selection of vacuum suction cups

Vacuum suction cups have many advantages, but they also have some shortcomings. Today,  I come to understand the characteristics of vacuum suction cups!

1. No pollution

Vacuum suction cups are particularly environmentally friendly; they will not pollute the environment; there is no light, heat, electromagnetic, or other energy generated.

2. Easy to use

No matter what material the suction object is made of, as long as it can be sealed, no air leakage can be used. Electromagnetic suction cups can not be used on other materials or objects.

3. Do not hurt the workpiece

The vacuum suction cup is made of rubber material, so it will not cause any damage to the workpiece when sucking or putting it down. The hook-type spreader and the steel cable-type spreader cannot. In some industries, they can only use vacuum suction cups because of the strict requirements on the surface of the workpiece. Recommended reading: vacuum suction cup repair and maintenance of important considerations

4. Easy to wear and tear

As it is generally made of rubber, it directly touches the object and wears seriously, so the loss is very fast. It is pneumatic wear and tear. Because of this, it is so significantly highlighted in many pneumatic components.

5. The selection of a vacuum suction cup should take many factors into account, as follows:

A. The quality of the object to be moved determines the size and number of suction cups.

B. The shape and surface state of the object to be moved—the type of suction cups selected.

C. Working environment (temperature): choose the material of the suction cups.

D. Connection method: suction cups, connectors, buffer connectors

E. The height of the object to be moved.

F.Buffering distance.

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