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Choosing The Best Vacuum Suction Cup for Glass Handling

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Choosing The Best Vacuum Suction Cup for Glass Handling

Due to the difficulties of lifting glass, glass handling frequently necessitates the use of a vacuum suction cup. When moving, glazing can be difficult to grip, heavy, fragile, and sharp, increasing the risk of injury and glass breakage. This emphasizes the importance of investing in tools that facilitate safe glass handling for a glazier or novice.

Vacuum suction cups are commonly used in a variety of glazing tasks, large and small. This is due to their adaptability in allowing you to easily lift loads as well as their ability to act as a handle that can be used as leverage. When lifting larger glazing units with a crane, these essential tools can be attached to help with the accurate positioning of glazing units. They're also useful when you don't want to leave fingerprints on surfaces. Related peoduct: Pneumatic Vacuum Glass Lifter Sucker with Tilting Function.

1. Recognizing the Glass Type

Because not all glass is the same shape, size, texture, and so on, it is critical to consider these factors when choosing a vacuum suction cup. Glass can be used for a variety of projects, including glazing, artwork, and walls. To assist our customers in dealing with the challenge of so many different types of glass, we offer a variety of vacuum suction cups that are suitable for smooth, textured, and curved glass.

2. Glass Handling When Weight and Dimensions Are Considered

Over the last century, as architecture has become more creative and daring, glazing has only grown larger and heavier. The glazing industry has been forced to adapt and grow to meet the demands of modern glazing. This entails introducing tools that provide the necessary safety and convenience for a wide range of projects. These changes have also prompted the implementation of stricter safety regulations. We discuss how to handle glass safely here.

When working with any type of glass, you should perform a risk assessment. This can include performing an assessment yourself or having a qualified person assess the risks. If you are lifting a new type of load or some factors have changed, you may require assistance in performing an accurate risk assessment.

Depending on the size and weight of your glass, it may require more than one person to move it safely. Vacuum suction cups are excellent for assisting in the lifting of heavy glass because they provide a firm grip on difficult-to-handle glass. Glaziers can adjust their grip on the glass using a vacuum suction cup to make it safer and easier to move.

3. Attachments and Extras

Choosing the right additional tools to go with your vacuum cup is critical for safe glass handling. Although vacuum suction cups can provide a better grip, additional tools may be required at times. These tools can help improve ergonomics and safety when lifting glass. Some of the additional tools you can use with your suction cup are listed below.

Ergo Handle: Use this handle attachment with your Nemo Grabbo to lift glazing and other loads off the ground without bending over. This reduces fatigue when dealing with multiple loads and performing repetitive movements.

Woods N4000 Deglazing Tool - This pry bar is used in conjunction with the Woods N4000 hand cup to help lift the glass from a horizontal position safely.

Corner Protection Block 55mm - This attachment comes with a suction cup that allows it to be stuck to the corner of your glass to protect it from bumps and scrapes.

4. The Most Powerful Glass Suction Cups For Windows

Glass suction cups have many applications, but they are particularly popular in the glazing industry. Because of their ability to securely attach to smooth, flat surfaces, they are indispensable for lifting and moving glass. Glass suction cups are extremely useful for glaziers because they allow them to form a firm grip on the glass load while avoiding fingerprints. GGR Glass has the knowledge and experience to assist you in locating the most effective glass suction cup for your project.

Using an effective glass suction cup can increase your productivity because you will spend less time struggling to lift glazing. Because of the superior grip that glass vacuum cups provide, you may not need as many people to lift a single glazing unit. They also reduce injuries and breakages because you are less likely to drop the glass or injure yourself on the sharp edges.

5. Things to Think About When Choosing the Best Glass Suction Cups

Numerous factors can influence your approach to lifting glass and the glass suction cup you select. To select an effective glass suction cup, consider what you intend to lift with it. Many factors influence the choice of a suitable lifting tool, including the size, weight, shape, and texture of the glass. Suction cups have a wide range of specifications, so none are suitable for every lift.

Your decision may also be influenced by how frequently you intend to use your glass suction cup. If an expert glazier uses it every day, they are much more likely to invest in advanced features and durability. However, a novice may only need to use it a few times and thus prefer a safe but less expensive tool. The vacuum control, handle design, and stability are three of the most important features to look for. Because they allow for better grip and ergonomics, these features can mean the difference between an easier and safer lift.

5.1 Single-Cup Suction Lifters

For lifting and shifting glazing, the traditional glass suction cup has only one cup. Although more cups typically provide more lifting power, this does not always imply that more cups are superior. Suction cups can lift more than one would expect due to decades of research and perfecting their capabilities. The Nemo Grabo, for example, has a maximum SWL of 170kg and is our strongest vacuum cup at GGR Glass. Single cups are also great for smaller glazing jobs or jobs that require more maneuverability.

5.2 Suction Lifters with Multiple Cups

Having multiple cups on your lifter can help you achieve better stability and a more balanced weight distribution. Suction lifters, such as the GGR3 Suction Cup Triple Pad, accomplish this by forming a triangle. These cups' coverage provides better leverage, which is especially important when lifting larger glazing. Because of their increased capacity and maneuverability, these suction cups are ideal for commercial and industrial window installation.

5.3 Suction Cups Designed for Curved Windows

Not all of the windows a customer requires will be completely flat. Many glazing features will have some curvature, whether for aesthetic or practical reasons. However, the typical suction cup is not designed to adhere to curved surfaces. This is why it is critical to purchase a specialized vacuum cup capable of handling more than standard glazing. Suction cups with curved and irregularly shaped surfaces, such as the Powr-Grip N6450 Curved Suction Cup, have a capacity of 79kg.

Some of the most effective glass suction cups for glazing are curved-surface cups, lifters with multiple cups, and simpler single-cup suction lifters. The best glass suction cup for you will be determined entirely by the project, so glaziers must select their tools based on factors such as shape, size, weight, texture, and others.

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