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Taking Care When Using Diamond Wheels

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Taking Care When Using Diamond Wheels

Although a diamond grinding wheel is the toughest wheel and has an "all-conquering" ability, there are still some considerations to be made when using diamond wheels. to increase the diamond wheels' useful life.

1. A diamond grinding wheel is a useful tool, but it should only be used to process materials with a high degree of hardness. It should not be used to grind soft materials like ordinary steel.

2. A diamond wheel with a flange that has already undergone static balance processing is used. It should be emphasized that you shouldn't take the diamond wheel off the flange until it's completely worn out.

3. The machines can make a trace of horizontal feed, employ a diamond grinding wheel, and have better stiffness and spindle selection accuracy (radial runout is not greater than 0.01 mm).

4. Coolant should be utilized as much as possible during grinding because it not only increases grinding quality and efficiency but also reduces grinding wheel wear. Kerosene is typically used for cooling, as well as light diesel oil, light oil lamps, and kerosene in general.

5. When using a brand-new diamond grinding wheel, trimming is also required to ensure that it has the right shape (outside roundness, flat face flatness). A silicon carbide grinding wheel or silicon carbide abrasive can be used as the dressing procedure. Glass or metal plate that has been manually ground (for adorning the wheel end). The new grinding wheel is used for first rough grinding until it is worn to have a secure shape, at which point it is utilized for final fine grinding to save expensive diamond grinding wheels. You can also carefully hold the silicon carbide wheel on the slightly renovated grinding wheel surface if the grinding wheel is not sharp enough or there is a clogging situation.

Notice the following questions:

First, the problem's successful operation

Because operating in the front can be more effective when in use, many operators are accustomed to doing so. However, this practice should be strictly avoided when utilizing a grinding wheel. According to the operating instructions, when using a grinding machine, the operator should stand to the side of the wheel rather than directly in front of it, to prevent wheel breakdown, wheel flyout, or injury from a broken grinding wheel.

Second, the side grinding problem

In the everyday usage of the grinding machine, we frequently see some operators, regardless of the kind of grinding machine and grinding wheel, carelessly on the side of the grinding wheel, which is a major breach of safe operating rules and illegal operation behavior. According to the rules, the grinding wheel's surface should not be used on the side of the grinding, the grinding wheel's radial and axial strength are extremely little, and the operator applying too much power will cause the grinding wheel to break, and even wounding, in practice. Such behaviors should be prohibited when using the technique.

Third, the problem's typical behavior

In the course of normal business operations, there are instances where two individuals share a grinding machine at the same time to complete a production task. This is a major instance of criminal activity and should be outright forbidden. If a grinding wheel is insufficient, you can add a grinding machine, although sharing a grinder at the same time is strictly forbidden.

Fourth, how the strength problem operates

Some users, particularly young users, employ excessive force and speed when using the grinding wheel, which is a very dangerous practice. Any grinding wheel on the body has a specific amount of strength, which makes it likely that it will break or even fly out of the area, both of which are against the law.

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