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Insulated glass corner trimming cotton use precautions

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Insulated glass corner trimming cotton use precautions

The main reasons for the insulated glass corner trimming cotton sticky glue may be the following:

Material problems:

If the purchase of hollow Insulated glass corner trimming cotton backing material is not high enough quality, or preserved for too long resulting in changes in the backing material, it is easy to sticky situation. It is recommended that the use of good quality, long shelf life of the material, storage, pay attention to moisture, and avoid direct sunlight exposure.

Cleaning issues:

Before installation should be cleaned up the original corner cotton, and window frame, to ensure that there is no residual glue, dust, oil, and other substances, otherwise it will affect the bonding effect of insulating Insulated glass corner trimming cotton.

Operation problems:

Whether the installation process is following the instructions for correct operation is also very important, such as pressure, temperature, time, and other requirements of normal mastery. In the use of hollow glass corner repair cotton, it will first lay flat on the ground for about half an hour, so that the hollow glass corner repair cotton and the ambient temperature achieve a good coordination relationship to improve the bonding effect.

Ambient temperature issue:

As the adhesive of the corner repair cotton itself is sensitive to temperature, if stored at a higher temperature, the corner repair cotton may become soft. And when used at low temperatures, it will not be hardened toughness. It is recommended to use in a 15 ℃ -35 ℃ room temperature environment, experienced workers can be adjusted accordingly according to the local climate and season.

To summarize, hollow Insulated glass corner trimming cotton is easily sticky glue that may be caused by a variety of factors including material, cleaning, operation, or environment. To successfully avoid this problem, the materials used, the timing of cleaning before and after use, the proper construction method, the right environmental temperature, and other elements must be considered to optimize the bonding quality of hollow Insulated glass corner trimming cotton.

If the insulating glass corner repair cotton is easy to stick, you can try the following methods:

1. Apply a small amount of soapy water or detergent water and apply a thin layer on the corner repair cotton.

2. Clean the corner trimmer with a small amount of detergent or alcohol to remove surface dirt and grease to reduce adhesion.

3. Use a hair dryer or fan to air dry the pad so that the surface is as dry as possible.

4. Place the trimmer in a dry place, avoiding direct sunlight or high temperatures to avoid deformation of the trimmer.

Please keep in mind that if the corner trimming cotton is not used for an extended period, it is prone to adhesion. If the preceding approaches do not work, it is recommended that the corner trimming cotton be replaced.

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