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What is the Glass cork pad?

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What is the Glass cork pad?

The glass cork pad is a popular protection and isolation product in the deep processing of glass. It eliminates the issues of poor shock resistance, inadequate isolation, easy moisture regain, mold, misalignment, and deformation in the application of paper mats. The production has obvious economic benefits.

About the glass cork pad

A glass cork pad is primarily a construction consumable, with cork and foam serving as the primary manufacturing materials. It is used to isolate and protect fragile glass products. It is also useful in ceramics, stone, cabinets, wardrobe sliding doors, furniture, and other industries. Protect the product finish from collision, friction, scratches, shattering, and other losses by isolating and adjusting the spacing.

Cork pads are used in the field of glass deep processing for the interval between glass and glass, effectively separating two pieces of glass in the process of transportation, packaging, storage, and so on.


• Architectural glass

• Automotive glass

• Tempered glass

• Laminated glass

• Bulletproof glass

• Doors and windows

Glass cork pad classification

Glass cork pads are classified into two types based on their structure and processing technology: adhesive cork pads and foam cork pads.

Furthermore, different thicknesses and sizes are available depending on the application habits of various glass factories. Adhesive cork pads are classified into 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm, etc. according to thickness, while foam cork pads are composed of cork + foam, which can be divided into 1.5+1mm (cork 1.5mm+foam 1mm) ), 2.0+1mm (cork 2.0mm+foam 1mm), 3.0+1mm (cork 3.0mm+foam 1mm), 4.0+1mm (cork 4.0mm+foam 1mm), 5.0+1mm (cork 5.0mm+foam 1mm), etc.

Block specifications can be cut into 15x15mm, 18x18mm, 20x20mm, 30x30mm, 40x40mm, 50x50mm, and other specifications.

Glass cork pad features

1. It is safe, environmentally friendly, and beautiful

It is easy to stick on and tear off, and it cleans up without leaving any residue. The foam cork pad, in particular, is simple to use. Using electrostatic adsorption, it can easily adhere to the glass surface for a long time and be easily removed even after a long period of extrusion, leaving no offset residue on the surface.

2. A soft texture that does not deform when pressed

Professional technology sterilizes and processes high-quality cork into fine, medium, and large particles, which are then processed into finished cork pads with materials such as self-adhesive and foam.

To ensure the quality of the finished cork pad product, raw material processing is based on fine particles to avoid chipping, breakage, delamination, and other phenomena caused by medium or large particles. The fine-grained cork layer is softer, and when combined with rigorous processing technology, it allows for long-term pressing without deformation, as well as greater protection for glass isolation.

3. Product performance that is superior and consistent

Glass cork pads are non-toxic, odorless, and environmentally friendly. They can maintain product integrity in the face of external environmental changes such as temperature, humidity, pressure, sunlight, oxidation, and frost, and are resistant to moisture, oil, and acid-base.

4. There are many specifications and flexible choices

The thickness of the glass cork pad can be formulated according to the project requirements and usage habits of different glass companies, and the small block specifications are 15x15mm, 18x18mm, 20x20mm, 25x25mm, 30x30mm, 35x35mm, 40x40mm, and other square or other specifications. 

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