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The three main types of edge-grinding machines

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The three main types of edge-grinding machines

To choose an edge grinding machine, first of all, we must have an understanding of the types and characteristics of edge grinding machines. Glass edge grinding machines have the following three main categories:

grinding machines

1. A single tube guide edge grinding machine (referred to as the guide machine or single tube machine) can grind the straight edge, the duck edge, and a beveled edge. It can grind around the workpiece and also can grind oval and shaped workpieces. With the independent suction cups installed on the leaning die, the shaping machine can grind some irregular shapes into the workpiece. Its simple structure and manufacturing costs are relatively low, so the price is also relatively cheap; the general domestic machine can be bought for about 20,000 yuan.

2. Linear edge grinding machine. A linear edge grinding machine has the following three characteristics: First, the use of a relatively single tool can only grind all kinds of straight edges. Second, continuous grinding leads to higher production efficiency. Third, it can grind flat glass of larger size. Straight edge grinding machines are the most varied and specified type of edge grinding machine. According to the different straight edges that can be ground, they can be divided into three types of straight-edge grinding machines: straight, straight round, and straight bevel-edge machines.

3. You can use the template to accurately position the round or shaped glass against the mold edge grinding machine; this is fine since the round or shaped glass has a straight edge, a round edge, a duckbill edge, a bevel edge, and so on. This type of edge grinding machine accurately grinds out the glass shape with a consistent size and good production efficiency. This model is appropriate for the manufacture of a limited number of variants, but a large amount of glass processing. When we buy, we must first select the production gauge to comprehend the larger, more stable product quality and the flawless after-sales service system, which increases the credibility of the manufacturer's edge grinding machine products. This huge family of edge grinding machines is more expensive to build than the small factory, but the quality and after-sales service are significantly superior, and the security is far greater. Even if there are some technical issues, these manufacturers will assist you in resolving them as soon as possible.

Lastly, the warranty period is free of charge, and after that, suitable cost charges apply. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you need to purchase the same type and quantity of edge grinding machine, it is advisable to use the same manufacturer's manufacturing. Because this is done for future production, management, maintenance, and so on, and because it is a bulk ring purchase, pricing, and service may be superior. If the requirements for the glass product grinding degree are not too high, consider purchasing some small factory production next to the machine to save money on equipment purchases. The prices of machinery produced by small factories are normally 10% to 20% lower than those produced by large factories.

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