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The criteria for choosing the grinding mechanism for glass beveling machines

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The criteria for choosing the grinding mechanism for glass beveling machines

The following primarily explains the selection requirements for a diagonal positioning device, gearbox, support frame, conveying guide and guide beam, grinding wheel, and motor sliding plate. There are numerous grinding mechanisms for glass beveling machines, therefore we must choose some matters.

Gadget for diagonal positioning

The diagonal positioning device cylinder needs to be sturdy and dependable, and the structure should be sensible and simple to modify. Otherwise, location, short life, and difficulty adjusting are not permitted.


1. The gearbox must be sufficiently thick. Because the synchronous pulley is installed in the gearbox, the tension of the synchronous belt easily leads to gearbox cross shape, gearbox cross shape, will lead to poor contact bevel gear; early wear, and will lead to premature bearing damage, so the machine does not run well, or even cannot work.

2. The gearbox is primarily beveled gear (bevel gear) driven, with the gear subject to axial, radial, and normal force in all three directions. Some manufacturers cut expenses by using deep groove ball bearings, which is incorrect. Because deep groove ball bearings can only sustain radial stress, using such bearings will result in premature bearing wear, an increase in the gap, a lack of smooth gear transmission, and increased noise, rendering the bearing inoperable. To make the design reasonable, pair of tapered roller bearings should be used.

Frame for support

The support frame transfers the entire weight of the mobile box to the linear moon block, and the linear slider must operate smoothly. Many manufacturers use the support beam for the unilateral support frame; such a support frame causes the linear moon to be tilted, the ball road unilateral grinding temperature to be reduced, open and close precision building to be reduced, serious ball drop out, hair care, and even slider rupture. The correct design is the support frame for bilateral support, With such a suitable force design, the slider will not be slanted, open, and shut smoothly, and substantially increase the service life, consumers who purchase the machine should pay attention to it here.

Conveying guide and guide beam

Conveying the guide and guide beam is an extremely important part of the grinding machine, and the purchase to the maker to grasp what material to deliver guide selection, and where to buy. If the material is not good, or if a substitute is used, it will result in premature grinding weave, which will directly lead to the dense slope glass not meeting the quality requirements, or even being unable to be processed; at the same time, check whether the plane of the conveyor rail is straight, whether there is a curved, broken, or another bad present.

The guideway beam should check to verify if the support point with the box is properly configured. If the rail beam is inappropriate, it will dome bend, but it will also cause the rail dome to bend. The dome curvature of the guide beam in the opening and shutting will also grid guide beam severe pull dome, and even the drive shaft will be dragged out, making re-exchange maintenance more difficult.

Grinding wheel

When selecting and purchasing equipment, consider the source, brand, and configuration of the grinding wheel. To ensure the stability and quality of equipment processing, native grinding wheels must be used rather than imported high-configuration, high-priced grinding wheels. Related product: Wheels For Beveling Machine.

Motor slide

Left and right, front and back swinging motor slide plates are not possible. Both must be moved loosely and cannot swing; otherwise, the motor will swing, and glass grinding will produce a pin edge that cannot be processed. At the same time, the sliding plate should have enough thickness and brightness to provide good stiffness.

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