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Polishing Wheels for Various Glass Edging Machines

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Polishing Wheels for Various Glass Edging Machines

Glass Edge Polishing wheels are a glass edge polishing machine selection based on the use of glass edging machine types, processing methods, and processing requirements.

The following is a rundown of some of the most common types of glass edging machines.

1. Edging machine with a straight edge

Generally, polished wheels from the 10S or 9R series are used.

Because 10S series polishing wheels have greater elasticity and polishing performance than 9R series polishing wheels, most domestic glass deep-processing manufacturers use them.

There are two types of polishing wheels: 10S series polishing wheels and 9R series polishing wheels. The former is used for polishing the bottom of the glass bottom polishing wheel, while the latter is used for polishing the glass chamfer angle polishing wheel. Because of the hardness of the 9R series polishing grinding compared to the 10S series polishing wheels, it has strong grinding force, high grinding efficiency, and long service life.

2. Straight bevel machines

Straight bevel machines are typically equipped with 10S series polishing wheels and wool felt polishing wheels. 10S series polishing wheels, wool felt type polishing abrasives and cerium oxide polishing powder are commonly used together.

3. Single-arm special-shaped edging machine

Single-arm special-shaped edging machine for polishing glass straight edges, garden edges, duck mouths, and wave edges with BD and BK series polishing wheels. Choose the appropriate polishing tool thickness to polish the thickness of the glass. The polishing glass hypotenuse commonly employs 10S series polishing wheels and wool felt polishing wheels. Wool felt polishing wheels should be used with cerium oxide polishing powder as well. They are selected in the same way that straight-bevel machines are.

Some furniture glass and process glass processing require a high degree of brightness, and cerium oxide polishing abrasives are frequently used.

Special edging machines and other edging machines Aside from the glass edging machine mentioned above, some simple structures use a single edging machine, such as chamfering machine, small garden machine, and portable edging machine. Special edging machines, such as straight-line bilateral edging machines and special-shaped edging machines, are also available. They are used in the type of polishing wheels commonly used with the aforementioned several edging machines with polished wheels that are similar but have different specifications. Nobler Glass recommends that the selection be made based on the shape of the glass edge, characteristics, brightness, type of edging machine, corresponding polishing wheels, and size.

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