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How do I purchase a glass bilateral machine?

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How do I purchase a glass bilateral machine?

Nowadays, there are many manufacturers of glass bilateral machines, and the quality varies. Many customers are overwhelmed when choosing. They only look at the price and the appearance of the equipment, but don't understand its deeper level.

a glass bilateral machine

Frame (bed)

1. The rack is the foundation of the whole equipment, and its quality directly affects the performance and quality of the whole equipment. Must use high-quality overall section steel welding. Integral section steel has good tensile, bending, and torsional properties. At the same time, when the integral section of steel is rolled, the organization is dense and there is no loosening phenomenon.

2. The number of intermediate beams and support points should be considered according to the force situation of the equipment. Too few intermediate beams and support points will easily deform the equipment, which will lead to unstable transmission and premature wear of linear sliders.


1. Fixed and mobile boxes must be made of high-quality steel plates and cannot be replaced by recycled steel plates that are easily deformed and difficult to process.

2. Insufficient thickness and stiffness will also be reduced, which will cause the equipment to shake at start-up, the grinding wheel to jump, and the inability to grind glass with the required precision and brightness.

3. It is impossible to reduce the number of steel plates to save material. Customers should check when purchasing whether the box is designed to resist bending, deformation, and deformation during lifting.


1. The gearbox must have sufficient thickness. Since the timing pulley is mounted on the gearbox, the thickness is insufficient. Under long-term working conditions, the timing pulley is easily deformed by the tension of the timing belt. Once the gearbox is deformed, the bevel gears will make poor contact. It will lead to premature bearing damage, thus making the whole machine run abnormally or even unable to work.

2. Gearboxes are mainly driven by bevel gears (bevel gears), which are driven by forces in three directions: axial, radial, and normal. Some manufacturers use deep groove ball bearings to save costs. This is extremely wrong. Since deep groove ball bearings can only withstand radial forces, their use will result in premature bearing wear, increased clearance, erratic gearing, and increased noise, making them unworkable. The correct design is to use a pair of tapered roller bearings, which is a reasonable design.

The support frame (sliding frame)

The entire weight of the moving box is transferred to the linear slider through the support frame, and the linear slider must remain stable during operation. Many manufacturers use a single-sided support frame. Such a support frame will subject the linear slide to one-sided pressure, which will result in tilting of the linear slide, one-sided wear of the ball path, reduced opening and closing accuracy, severe ball drops, hair jams, and even slide damage.

The correct design is the support frame is bi-directional support. With proper design, the slider will not be tilted, the opening and closing are stable, and the service life is greatly improved. Customers must pay attention to this point when buying glass bilateral machines.

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