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Application of Diamond Grinding Wheel

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Application of Diamond Grinding Wheel

Made of the central through-hole of the circular consolidation abrasive known as a diamond wheel, which is based on diamond abrasive as the raw material and contains metal powder or resin powder as a binder.

Generally speaking, a working layer, matrix, and transition layer make up a diamond wheel structure. The transition layer, also known as the non-diamond layer, is the diamond layer firmly attached to the portion of the substrate. The working layer, also known as the diamond layer, is formed of the abrasive, binder, and filler. The substrate is utilized to hold the abrasive layer and is tightly fastened on the grinding machine's main shaft when in operation by the flange plate.

Products with metal bonds in general selection of aluminum alloy, bakelite, and steel and alloy steel powder as the matrix resin binder. Made of bakelite, steel, or aluminum with an aluminum, steel, or bakelite support layer. The accuracy of use and the quality of the grinding wheel's shaping are intimately tied to the matrix.

Three types of diamond grinding wheels:

One that is resin-bonded, one that is vitrified, and one that is metal-bonded—the last of which is the bronze-bonded diamond grinding wheel. The following categories of diamond grinding wheels can be found based on the production method: sintered diamond grinding (resin-bonded, vitrified, and metal-bonded diamond wheels); electroplated diamond grinding; and brazed diamond grinding. Diamond grinding wheels can be categorized into parallel grinding wheels, cylinder grinding wheels, bowl grinding wheels, cup grinding wheels, disc grinding wheels, etc. based on appearance or shape.

Diamond tools:

Diamond tools are an ideal tool for processing hard and brittle materials and hard alloys in grinding due to the characteristics of diamond abrasive (with high hardness, high compressive strength, and good resistance), which not only results in high efficiency, high precision, and good surface roughness but also can improve working conditions. It is frequently used in routine abrasive machining for low iron content metal and nonmetal hard and brittle materials, including hard alloy, high alumina ceramics, glass, stone, ferrite, and other semiconductor materials.

Diamond drill bits that are suitable for your use in drilling glass are produced and supplied by Nobler Glass. Our diamond drill bits are highly accurate, large, and efficient, and they can be used in many sorts of drill machines. Alongside our superior service and affordable pricing.

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