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What is a jib crane?

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What is a jib crane?

Jib crane is a small and medium-sized lifting equipment developed in recent years, with a structure that is unique, safe, and reliable, with high efficiency, energy savings, time savings, flexibility, and other characteristics, three-dimensional space to operate at will, in the segment distance, intensive transfer occasions, and more to demonstrate its superiority than other conventional lifting equipment.

This product is widely used in many different industries. Jib crane working intensity for light, the crane by the column, slewing arm slewing drive device, and electric hoist, the lower end of the column by the foot bolt fixed in the concrete foundation, by the cycloid reducer to drive the jib slewing, electric hoist in the jib I-beam for the left and right straight line operation, and lifting heavy objects. Crane jib is a hollow steel structure, light weight, large span, large lifting capacity, economical and durable.

Jib crane is a new generation of light lifting equipment made to adapt to modern production, with the high reliability of the electric chain hoist is especially suitable for short distances, frequent use, and intensive lifting operations, with high efficiency, energy saving, saving, small footprint, easy to operate and maintain and so on. Related product: Electrical Jib Crane

Fixed Pillar Jib Crane

Fixed column jib cranes, also known as vertical jib cranes, with lifting capacity of 125Kg-5000Kg, is a self-developed Kelilong lifting product, that can be customized according to customer demand for the design of special lifting equipment. Vertical Jib Crane has the advantages of novel structure, reasonable, simple, easy to operate, flexible slewing, large workspace, etc. It is energy-saving and efficient material lifting equipment, which can be widely used in factories, mines, workshops, production lines, assembly lines, machine tools, up and down the work and warehouses, wharves, and other occasions of heavy lifting. Fixed column jib cranes can be divided into BZD type and BZD-JKBK type according to the different steel profiles used in their jib.

Mobile type

The machine is more flexible and mobile, adaptability and other characteristics, is a high-efficiency automatic production line must be a separate emergency lifting equipment, with it to ensure that the production line is unimpeded. Kaili Lifting production of EBZ a type of mobile electric jib crane, the product has flexible and mobile, adaptable to a wide range of features, is a highly efficient automatic production line that must a separate emergency lifting equipment, with it to ensure that the production line unimpeded. Lifting capacity 125KG to 500KG.

Wall type

Wall jib cranes are also known as wall cranes and pilaster jib cranes. It can be divided into: BX-type wall jib cranes and BX-JKBK-type wall jib cranes with lifting capacities from 125KG to 3000KG and lifting height of 3 meters.

Wall Jib Cranes

The Wall Jib Crane, also known as the Wall Crane, is a new type of material lifting equipment developed by Hoisting that is based on the Pillar Jib Crane. The machine is installed on the concrete columns of the plant walking track, and the electric hoist can be completed along the track by selecting the lateral movement of the jib as well as the vertical direction of the lifting. The machine greatly expanded the scope of operation, allowing for more efficient use of plant space and the use of more ideal materials. Lifting capacity ranges from 1000 kg to 5000 kg, and the lifting height is adjustable.

Jib type

The bending jib crane, also known as the bending jib crane, has a unique structure, free stretching and flexing, simple operation, high efficiency, and energy efficiency. To maximize the working area, press the electric button to lift the load and use the bending and rotating motion of the beam to avoid objects in the controlled working area. By gently pushing or pulling with your hand, you can reach any position in the working area. The bending jib crane is suitable for production or maintenance occasions in machinery manufacturing, railroad, chemical industry, light industry, and other industries, particularly in dense equipment, short-distance lifting, and frequent operation of the production line. Lifting capacity from 125 kg to 500 kg.

Double Boom Type

Also known as double jib crane, double jib crane

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