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Features and functions of glass grinding machine

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Features and functions of glass grinding machine

the glass grinding machine

The glass grinding machine is mainly applied to the processing of furniture glass, architectural glass, and craft glass. It is one of the earlier and larger pieces of deep processing equipment in glass machinery, mainly used for grinding and polishing the bottom edge and chamfer of ordinary flat glass. In addition, the glass grinding machine generally has manual control, digital display control, PLC computer control, and other configurations. The reasonable operation, daily cleaning, lubrication, and maintenance can ensure the normal operation of the machine, extend the service life of the machine, and increase the processing output.

A glass grinding machine has the following three characteristics: First, a single user can only grind a variety of straight edges. Secondly, it can grind continuously and has high productivity. Third, it can grind larger flat glasses.

The installation of the glass grinding machine needs to ensure that the ground is flat, and the machine must be level at all angles after installation; otherwise, it will affect the processing effect. In addition, you need to ensure that the electrical connection is correct, if the electrical connection is wrong, it may cause the motor on the edge grinding machine or the electrical appliances in the electrical cabinet to burn out (some countries do not have leakage protection switch in the factory).

It should be noted that the glass edge grinding machine works with water and electricity. Customers should judge whether the water supply of the factory-configured floor tank is sufficient according to their processing capacity. Glass edge grinding machines are mainly divided into four types: glass linear edge grinding machines, glass linear beveling machines, glass linear round edge machines, and glass profile edge grinding machines. The applicable range of these four types of glass edge grinding machines is as follows:

1. Straight-edge machines are used for grinding and polishing the bottom corners of flat panels.

2. A beveled edge machine is mainly used for processing the straight beveled edge and round bottom of flat glass.

3. A round-edge machine is used to grind the straight round edge and duckbill edge of flat glass.

4. A glass-shaped edge grinding machine is used to grind specially shaped round and flat glass.

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