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What are the many types of glass cutters?

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What are the many types of glass cutters?

Glasses of various varieties play critical roles in a variety of sectors. Aside from insulating and laminated glass, which is used to manufacture windows and doors, there are several types utilized to create aesthetic decorations, such as hot fused glass and embossed glass. Each of these glass products has unique features and can be utilized for a variety of purposes. You might want to read it to learn about the many varieties of glass knives and how to use them.

What are the types of glass knives

1. According to the cutter head material points

Natural diamond glass cutters, synthetic diamond glass cutters, and carbide glass cutters are all examples of glass knives. The glass cutter's head is the most important portion and determines the glass cutter's cutting quality. The cutting edge features a razor-sharp edge with a high angle ratio. When you cut the glass surface with the glass cutter, the blade will leave a groove with a very sharp bottom on the glass. The surface of the glass with the groove is then strained, and because the bottom of the groove is quite sharp, there is a high-stress concentration, and brittle glass can easily shatter along this groove.

2. According to the handle material

Glass knives with aluminum handles, mahogany handles, plastic handles, and antique brass handles are available. The material of the handle is primarily concerned with the user's hand, with the strength of the strength to bear and the attractiveness of the product. Straight-handled glass cutter, crooked glass cutter, T-shaped push cutter, round gauge cutter, plate glass cutter, kerosene brush glass cutter, stable frame glass cutter, new glass cutter with rotating head and swinging back and forth, imitation Korean roller cutter, German glass cutter, Japanese glass cutter, etc.

3. Using the function classification

Electric measuring pen type glass cutter, positioning type dual-use glass cutter, glass cutter with tape measure connected, six-wheel glass cutter with insert card.

4. Automatic oil-filled glass cutters and rotating self-oiled glass cutters are the oiling classifications

What is a T-shaped glass cutter?

T-shaped glass cutter use: first adjust the assembly above the arrow to the scale to be scratched, then place the pulley against the glass side, one hand holding the pulley and one hand pressing the scale from left to right to scratch over it, paying attention to the T-shaped glass cutter tip and keeping the pulley parallel.

T-glass cutter features:

1.No scratches on the glass when the T-glass cutter is cutting.

2. The cutting efficiency of a T-glass cutter is higher, 5 to 10 times of an ordinary glass cutter.

3. It is suitable for cutting various sizes of glass, and it is not restricted by the size of the cutting table and other conditions when cutting.

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