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What are the main application areas of EVA foam?

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What are the main application areas of EVA foam?

EVA foam is a new type of ecologically friendly material, a foam product that is also known as an EVA sponge. EVA foam can also be manufactured in the desired colors, including A material, B material, C material, low-odor ecologically friendly materials, and non-environmentally friendly materials.

EVA foaming is a procedure in which a substantial amount of gas is produced at the decomposition temperature of the foaming ingredient to generate a foam core. The release of the foam core causes EVA and other materials to swell and produce a foamed material if the pressure is quickly alleviated.

Classification of EVA foam: C.B. Class A CR material, Class 3A CR material, high-elastic EVA material, rubber EVA material, and so on. It is frequently used as the lining of tool boxes and packaging boxes, as well as in environmentally friendly toys and crafts. Click here for EVA Pad With Foam.

EVA rubber and plastic goods are innovative, ecologically friendly plastic packaging materials that have the advantages of good cushioning, stress resistance, heat insulation, moisture resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and so on, as well as being non-toxic and non-absorbent. EVA rubber and plastic products are designed to be processed and formed, and their shockproof performance is better than that of traditional packaging materials such as polystyrene (foam), and they meet environmental protection requirements, making them the best choice for export products. Compared with shock-proof packaging, it can be cut and formed; due to the large difference in density, it can also have a wider range of uses.

Features of EVA foam material:

a. Water resistance: airtight cell structure, no water absorption, moisture resistance, good water resistance

b. corrosion resistance: resistance to seawater, grease, acids, alkalis, and other chemicals antibacterial, non-toxic. tasteless and pollution-free.

c. Processability: It is easy to process, such as by hot pressing, cutting, gluing, and laminating.

d. Anti-vibration: high resilience and tension resistance, strong toughness, and good shock/cushioning performance.

e. Thermal insulation: good thermal insulation, cold preservation, and low-temperature performance, with the ability to tolerate extreme cold and exposure

f. Sound insulation: airtight cell, effective sound insulation

Application of EVA foam:

Children's toys, craft gifts, stationery, office, mouse pads, sports equipment, decoration, home, travel, packaging, insulation, electrical appliances, toys, electronic products, jewelry, hardware, environmental protection packaging, cosmetics, composite, auxiliary packaging materials, metal, and many other applications.

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