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Reasons for developing industrial protective gloves

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Reasons for developing industrial protective gloves

Cut-proof gloves, protective leather gloves, acid-proof gloves, and other types of protective gloves are widely used in industrial and agricultural production. The standards used in the production of protective gloves are mostly enterprise standards and industry standards, with few national standards. The rapid development of China's protective glove industry has been facilitated by the deepening of reform opening up and the rapid development of economic construction:

1. Implementing protective glove standards

To begin, the state has strengthened oversight and management of safety production, as well as vigorously organized standard formulation. A series of protective glove standards have been promulgated and implemented, promoting the standardized development of China's safety glove industry while also gradually instilling people-oriented, caring life and health concepts in people's hearts.

2. Foreign protective glove manufacturers

Second, foreign protective glove manufacturers have entered the Chinese market, bringing a wide range of protective products with excellent performance, broadening Chinese people's horizons, promoting work glove upgrading, and developing new products in China.

3. China's high-tech industry rising

Third, the rise of China's high-tech industry has resulted in new hand protection requirements, which encourage the research and development of new protective gloves.

4. New materials

Fourth, new materials such as aramid and high-strength polyethylene have been used in China's protective glove industry, ushering in the era of high strength, high modulus, and high performance.

5. The requirement of rescue

Fifth, international and domestic instability has increased since the beginning of the twenty-first century, particularly in recent years, with anti-terrorism struggles, infectious diseases, floods, droughts, earthquakes, geological landslides, mudslides, hurricanes, snow, and ice disasters occurring regularly. In disaster relief, it is gradually becoming clear that it is critical to equip frontline workers with scientifically proven personal protective equipment, particularly hand protection equipment, to ensure their health and safety.

Finally, several new enterprises in China have emerged that develop and manufacture protective gloves. These businesses have consistently introduced new types of safety gloves by closely coordinating with market demand and focusing on addressing the market's urgent need for anti-cutting wearing-resistant gloves, high-temperature resistant gloves, anti-static gloves, and anti-vibration gloves. They actively research and introduce international and foreign advanced standards to continuously improve the performance of new protective gloves.

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