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Performance and Precautions of Anti-Cutting Gloves

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Performance and Precautions of Anti-Cutting Gloves

Anti-Cutting Gloves are a type of metal glove that is knitted with stainless steel wire to protect the user's hands from sharp objects. This article focuses on the effectiveness of cut-resistant gloves as well as precautions and cleaning methods.

Anti-Cutting Gloves

Performance role

1. Cut-proof, stab-proof, anti-slip, and wear-resistant.

2. With super cut-resistant performance, wear-resistant performance, and anti-stabbing performance.

3. Can effectively protect the hands from cuts by knives and other sharp edges.

3. Excellent anti-slip performance can protect when grabbing objects will not fall.

Precautions for use

1. The glove size should be adequate; an overly tight glove hinders blood flow, causes tiredness, and is uncomfortable. If it is excessively loose, it will be stiff and easy to slide off.

2. The anti-cutting gloves selected must have sufficient protection, in line with the needs of the environment.

3. Pay attention to the occasion of the use of anti-cutting gloves; do not use them in energized places or with instruments to prevent entanglement, electrocution, and other dangerous situations.

4. When taking off the gloves, pay attention to the correct method to prevent the wire gloves from contaminating the skin and clothing with harmful substances, causing secondary pollution.

5. Anti-cutting gloves are not infallible; anti-cutting, anti-lashing, and anti-cutting are not their main weaknesses. There won't be much protection if you tie the anti-cutting gloves with nails, knife tips, and other harsh things. But it also can't stop cat scratches, dog bites, or hedgehog zaps. Even shrimp ao, crab ao, or something similar will be punctured.

6. Maintenance of thorny flowers and plants is not suitable for the application of anti-cutting gloves. Because the cut-resistant gloves are composed of stainless steel wire, there will be a lot of aggregation of small round holes to allow the passage of flowers and plants. In the maintenance of flowers and plants, apply the appropriate gloves to prevent negative injuries.

7. Cut-resistant gloves are designed for everyone involved in long-term industrial production security and design solutions. In the long-term application, continuous and sharp knife touch gloves can occur after a small hole; if the glove of the small hole exceeds 1 square centimeter, this glove will have to be repaired or removed and replaced.

Cleaning methods

1. Clean gloves at least once a day with a soap solution (50 °C) or a cleaning solution of boiling water (50 °C).

2. Clean the gloves and store them in a cool, shady location.

3. Do not clean stainless steel wire gloves by knocking with a hard block.

4. Prevent sharp objects from touching the surface of the gloves as much as possible when applying.

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