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How should you operate the glass grinding machine?

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How should you operate the glass grinding machine?

People may now not only fully use the natural advantages of glass, but also change its performance and compensate for its flaws, thanks to technological advancements. The glass grinding machine should be simple to use; what process should homemade glass go through; look at it together.

1. Take precautions when using a glass linear edge grinding machine

Straight-edge grinding machines (straight-edge machines, round-edge machines, and beveled-edge machines) drive their linear motion for grinding by the front and back of the pressure plate holding glass. There are two things to keep in mind when using it.

To begin, the front and rear plates, as well as the guide surface, should be lubricated regularly; otherwise, the machine's normal service life will be compromised due to early wear of the front and back plates and the guide surface. Some types feature automatic lubrication systems, but they also inspect the lubrication pipeline regularly.

Second, while clamping the glass, the clamping force should be adequate; too loose will influence the grinding quality; too tight will increase the load on the machine, making it easier to cause a shaking crawl phenomenon when grinding thin glass but also easy to clip shattered glass.

Clamping force size can be tested by clamping a little larger glass on the machine, that is, the glass clamped in the middle of the machine, stopping state with both hands force plate moving glass, feel the clamping force adjusted to just hands moving is appropriate.

2. Precautions for using a glass-profiled grinding machine

First and foremost, the consistency of the height of the suction cups on the curved machine table has a bigger impact on the grinding action. When assembled, the manufacturer has self-grinding for five groups of suction cups and selected suction cups of the same thickness to keep the height of each suction cup consistent, so do not disassemble the suction cups in general. If the suction cup rubber becomes damaged, replace it with the same thickness.

Furthermore, the vacuum pump of the shaped machine will drop after some time due to water and other reasons (i.e., the suction power decreases), so pay attention to checking and troubleshooting, otherwise, the machine will not work in the case of insufficient suction power, which will affect the quality of grinding on the one hand, but it is also easy to have safety accidents.

3. Safety precautions when using a bilateral grinding machine

A double-sided grinding machine is a secondary grinding machine that should be operated by two to three people to ensure proper operation. For double-sided grinding program issues or failures, it is advised that the original manufacturer send someone to repair and debug; in general, do not dismantle the repair so that production downtime does not screw up the program.

4. Safety precautions for utilizing the learning machine

The grinding precision is greatly influenced by the leaning die of the leaning machine. The working surface of the leaning plate must be precise in shape and size, with high quality. If the leaning plate is formed, the transition must be circular and smooth. Furthermore, when replacing the die plate and suction cup, make sure to keep the suction cup's working surface level; otherwise, the grinding quality will suffer.

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