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Rough grinding edges and fine grinding edges

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Rough grinding edges and fine grinding edges

The find grinding for glass edges is finished on the large glass grinding machine, by different kinds of grinding wheels to grind the edges step by step, according different requirements, adopts different grinding wheels with different mesh. Normally the fine grinding edges is polished by the polishing wheel after the rough grinding process, after polishing, the glass edges is transparent with high brightness. For the glass edges which is exposed to the outside, the edges must be fine grinding and polished. The cost for fine grinding and polishing is higher, and the process speed is slowly. Sometimes to guarantee the polishing effect, need to grinding the edges twice.

For the rough grinding edges, it only use the #1, #2 and #3 grinding motor location to grind the edges. It allowed the roughness appearance on the edges. Normally the rough grinding is made by the manual power.

For the glass which is tempered, the edges is not suggested to grind. First the #1 grinding wheel will broken the tempered glass without proper adjustment, the conveyer belt even to be scrapped. Second the compressive stresses layer of the tempered glass is probably broken after grinding, then the strength will be lower. So for tempered glass, the edges must be grind and polished before tempering.

For the low e glass, if need to grind edges, but the low e glass couldn’t contact with water, so the grinding process should be finished by manual power.

The fine grinding edges and rough grinding edges depends on the grinding technology, but the quality of grinding wheels and polishing wheels also plays an important effect on the grinding performance. Our diamond wheel, resin wheel, spiral wool felt polishing wheel, and other different wheels can help you to get a perfect edges which is required.

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