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What are the components of forklift cranes?

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What are the components of forklift cranes?

A forklift crane is a type of complex transportation machinery. Although the performance of different forklift trucks varies, in general, a forklift truck consists of eight parts: the power system, transmission system, steering system, braking system, driving system, lifting system, electrical auxiliary control equipment, and hydraulic system.

System of power

The power system is the forklift's energy source, providing continuous power for the forklift's cooperative work. The power system is made up of power sources such as an internal combustion engine and a battery, as well as a shaft device that transmits power to the outside world.

System of transmission

The transmission system's job is to transform the thermal or electric energy of the power system into forklift wheel exercise power, with features such as deceleration and distance growth, changing the direction of power transmission, and so on. The transmission system is made up of many components, such as a reducer, differential, half-shaft, driving wheel, and so on.

System of steering

It recognizes the change in the forklift's running direction and is the power system that regulates the forklift's ability to travel forward and backward. Mechanical steering, hydraulic power steering, and fully hydraulic power steering are the three types of steering systems.

The braking system

Its function is to apply resistance to the forklift to consume the forklift's kinetic energy and force it to decelerate to stop entirely, while also preventing the forklift from free displacement after stopping to avoid production slippage. Dry friction brakes, such as drums, discs, and band brakes, are currently employed on electric forklifts.

System of Transportation

It supports the road with the wheels, bears the weight of the forklift and the laden products, and works with the steering system to absorb vibration and finish the vehicle's travel. A frame, suspension, wheels, and other components comprise the drive system.

System of lifting

Through the lifting device, the forklift truck's lifting system completes the actuator of the loading and unloading operation. A gantry, forks, and other components make up the lifting mechanism.

Auxiliary electrical control equipment. Used to show the forklift's operational status. It is made up of electronic control instruments and lights.

System of hydraulics

Offer forklift power to execute various operations such as loading and unloading, stacking, and so on. Power components, actuation components, control components, auxiliary components, and hydraulic oil are all part of the hydraulic system.

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