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The glass grinding machine installation and testing procedure

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The glass grinding machine installation and testing procedure

The glass grinding machine installation

Glass grinding machines achieve glass grinding to polishing primarily through the grinding head motor and grinding wheel; single-sided or bilateral grinding machines can achieve coarse grinding, fine grinding, and polishing. Once completed, consumers can wash the choice of different degree wheels based on their processing needs.

The installation of a glass grinding machine must ensure that the ground is flat after installation for the machine to be level at all angles; otherwise, the processing impact will be affected. Ensure that the correct connection, such as foreign industrial voltage 415V/5HZ 220V/50HZ,20/60HZ, if the connection is wrong, may lead to the sense of edge machine on the motor or electric cabinet box in the electricity burned (factories in some countries without leakage protection switch). Glass edge grinding machine is working under the condition of water and electricity, customers have to judge whether the factory configuration of the floor tank water supply is sufficient according to their processing volume.

The generation of glass grinding machine diagonal line is a common problem, but representatives, just by experience, do not understand the principle of mechanical equipment, analysis of the problem, to find out where the problem is, is difficult to produce good quality glass grinding machine. Glass grinding machine diagonal line mistake is very important to investigate pre-glazing companies and glass processing stores raw product quality and production costs.

The glass grinding machine produces error control on the corner line

1. Glass delivery movement balance, if the glass grinding wheel is bouncing back and forth. The result produced by this glass grinding machine will not have a straight, wavy edge.

2. There are three ways for controlling the glass grinding wheel without back-and-forth tampering, the product in the longitudinal direction, and the knife has a relative movement.

First, the uneven cutting force of the two pairs of edges causes the glass grinding machine processing process. And the clamping force is insufficient, resulting in product movement in the longitudinal case, leading the glass grinding machine to process glass with a wavy edge and the opposite side not parallel.

Second, the product's two sides move at different speeds, resulting in a side that is not parallel to the size of the head.

Additionally, while using the centering mechanism for alignment, the gap between the adjusting gong mother and the beam screw is wide. squeezed by the force of centering. The edge becomes wavy and non-parallel as the distance between the two beams grows.

We are all aware that the rectangle makes up a sizable portion of glass shapes, and its diagonal equality is one of its key characteristics. In actual production, there will be a degree of waiting difference between the processing of the product type and the ideal condition, which is seen in the corner of the long side and short side, and the shape will not appear to be rectangular.

Some of the glass processing with a glass grinding machine to measure the product diagonal is a more practical and quick product quality testing method.

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