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How do I choose a glass-cutting machine?

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How do I choose a glass-cutting machine?

To choose an automatic glass-cutting machine, we must first consider the machine's precision, speed, and situational maintenance following the model specifications. Click here for Cutting Head for Cutting Machine. The five main areas for a detailed description are as follows:

Model specifications 

For full consideration, according to the enterprise's actual laser cutting layout. Because it entails all of the normal destruction of machinery and equipment, as well as no capital management.

Laser cutting precision

Select according to its actual regulations; this cannot just look at the product manual details and the manufacturer's words, which are important in technical depth. Such as the control of the knife wheel, the gear rack grinding time, and the program design at the reasonable, fully automatic control system level. Then we have to be in the actual laser cutting for the precise measurement, which can be a multi-faceted master laser cutting industrial equipment part and a fully automatic control system of real-time processing level.

Laser cutting speed

In consideration of the necessary conditions for the precision of laser cutting, it requires speed. Since the eye cannot tell if high speed is guaranteed, the efficacy of the mobile app simulation used for the stepper drive of the automatic cutting machine can be applied to see if the motor ratio is at a high level.

Easy and fast maintenance

It is not necessary to have too few sensors on I/O and industrial equipment, but unnecessary power switches and display information lights should be avoided. Because the use of automatic cutting machines is a common problem with electronic devices on industrial equipment. The fewer prefabricated components used, the simpler the solution design and the lower the likelihood of common issues. Fewer alignments also make it easier to repair common problems and remove and replace prefabricated components. It's also useful to be able to change the status of each I/O signal on the display monitor, and maintenance costs are an important consideration when buying machinery and equipment.

Automatic technology in layout design to improve work efficiency

Because of the uniqueness of its work, it is generally rarely assigned a high level of people to work on it, thus requiring the automatic cutting machine operation process to be simple, easy to understand, and stable in terms of safety factors. Maintenance is simple to avoid the embarrassing situation of buying up machines and equipment without money to buy machines and equipment.

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