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Diamond Drill Bit Applications and Issues

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Diamond Drill Bit Applications and Issues

Why and how do you use diamond drill bits to drill holes in glass?

Glass drilling is commonly used for decorative or air-conditioning installation, in addition to the industrial needs of glass modeling. One is for modeling, while the other is for function. For example, crystal steel door glass edging machine grinding edge may require a drilling machine drill to be repaired. If the air conditioning installation requires walking the pipe and the wall cannot be drilled, drilling through the glass is another option. Click here for Accessories For Drilling Machine.

However, there is a simple explanation: tempered glass cannot be drilled. Specific reasons will be provided at the end of this post for a more complete explanation.

How to drill glass?

If ordinary glass can open the hole, but tempered glass cannot, ordinary glass to buy glass drill, mounted on the impact drill, can open, if it is open a larger hole. You'll get a hole opener, a glass knife, and a diamond-shaped knife. Suck on the glass and slowly turn it like a compass.

To drill out, a drill with a diameter of two centimeters is available. Because the punch will be hot, the best side of the drilling side of water sprinkled in the hole, it is not easy to let glass burst and damage the glass quality, it is preferable to use a dedicated glass punch cannon (glass shop for sale).

However, for ordinary people, the glass hole is rather risky; if it is to punch holes in huge glass, it is recommended to locate a professional punching master to assist you play because there will be a lot of residue if the hole is handled improperly.

How to drill the glass holes without breaking?

Preparation tools: A slightly thicker piece of plastic board, such as an aluminum plate or PVC plate 5 mm thick is good with the size of the palms of a mineral water bottle (need to burn red on the lid with nails and hot eyes on the bottle) First use the glass to drill a hole in the tiny board, and then put the small plate on the glass you want to drill. Fill the pitcher halfway with water and insert the drill into the plastic. The hole in the plate is intended to keep the glass surface from slipping when the drill is too slick, and the abrasion glass is formed when the drill is drilled and the bottle is squeezed with the left hand.

On the block, if you have a reversal of the screw, gently give the electricity to the last fast when you want to fierce with June or glass on the opposite side of the incision will be broken glass ballast (tempered glass drilling requires more technical strength to be very homogeneous, so novice drilling is not recommended). Glass Drilling Machine for active PLC control, the operation simply put the glass on the conveyor belt, input borehole azimuth data, launch button, the active positioning after drilling all hole position, the completion of the active shutdown after the operation, drilling efficiency, hole position accuracy, suitable for the construction of glass and furniture glass processing; Color human-machine touch screen operation of active control, interface clear, simple operation parameters set after processing completion; PLC program control, has the active detection, diagnosis function, the circuit stability is high, the operation environment applicability is broad, and it can carry out long-distance protection and promotion.

The use method of a glass drilling machine

1. Glass Drilling Machine Drilling glass, the next bit easy to squeeze broken glass, so when drilling thin glass, pressure, pressure is necessary to adjust very low, can be changed in the 0.18~03mpa range, drilling thick glass, pressure can rise to about 0.46MPa.

2. Glass drilling machine Before the beginning of each shift, should first to the oil injection parts into the lubricating oil, and check the belt tightness, on the bottom of the drill shaft operation is not abnormal, the drill is not worn, to all normal before the beginning of the operation.

3. The core material in the material drawer should be sorted out in time, otherwise, the material core accumulates too many will card dead feeder. In particular, drilling holes larger than 100mmj of holes, in each drill a few holes should be sorted once.

4. Glass Drilling Machine Finishing core material should be fed in the receiving direction, so that the material drawer can be smooth out, so finishing the core material to start rotation, at the moment the feeder is in the receiving direction, can conveniently finish the material core.

Nobler Glass reminds us: Tempered glass can`t be drilled, cut, or burst

The following are the reasons: Tempered glass is made by cutting conventional annealing glasses into the desired size, heating them to near softening temperatures, and then rapidly and uniformly chilling them. After tempering, the glass surface develops homogeneous compressive stress, while internal tension develops to improve the glass's flexural strength and impact resistance.

Because there is tension inside the toughened glass, the processing of tempered glass cannot have even the tiniest damage, nor can it be subjected to a high external force, otherwise it will be fractured into fine grains. Glass must be used and processed above the standards and methods, and then the glass processing is in place.

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