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Bidirectional cutting technology of Glass Cutting Machine

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Bidirectional cutting technology of Glass Cutting Machine

There's a reason for us to develop bidirectional cutting technology: we would like to increase the cutting efficiency and power savings for any of our clients. When most customers buy CNC glass-cutting machines, they may not consider the future electricity bills, but in fact, customers have to bear the high electricity bills of the entire factory every month.

Perhaps the electricity bill spent by the cutting machine is not a high percentage of the entire factory's electricity bill, but we are willing to save every dollar for our customers. We are just more willing to consider every technical detail from the customer's standpoint.

The glass cutting table is composed of five parts: a glass supporting platform; a cutting bridge (or cutting beam); a cutting-head system; a CNC motion control system; and an optimized typesetting system. The tabletop on the cutting platform is covered with felt to support and position the glass. There are linear slide rails that support the cutting bridge and racks that drive the longitudinal movement of the cutting bridge on both sides.

The cutting bridge itself is guided by linear slide rails on the cutting platform, driven by servomotors and rack and gear at both ends and drives itself, including the cutter-head system installed on the cutting bridge for longitudinal movement. The cutter-head system on the cutting bridge is guided and supported by the linear slide rail installed on the girder of the cutting bridge, which is driven by a rack and gear and servo motor for lateral movement. The CNC motion control system controls the longitudinal and lateral motions to be combined into circular arc curve motions. The cutter bar on the cutter-head system is driven by a servo motor for rotating motion, ensuring that the cutting edge surface of the cutter wheel is always tangent to the cutting line during the glass cutting process to complete high-quality cutting performance.

The cutting-head system plays an important role in ensuring cutting accuracy and cutting quality during the testing process. Our unique cutting head system has high rotation accuracy and flexible up-and-down movement, so it ensures that no matter which direction it rotates during the cutting process, the accuracy can meet the cutting requirements.

The advantage of this cutting machine is its bidirectional (two-way) cutting technology. Almost all movements are cutting movements and will be dry running. Regardless of longitudinal or later cutting, once the first cut is completed, the next cut will cut back to the nearest parallel line. It will not run back dry like other cutting machines to cut a parallel line.

Want to know more details about the bidirectional cutting technology of glass cutting machines? Please contact us.

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