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What is the life span of the laminated glass?

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What is the life span of the laminated glass?

Laminated glass is produced by two or more glass pieces with organic polymer film between the glasses, under high pressure and high temperature treatment, the glass and the interlayer film will stick together. Even the laminated glass is broken, the glass fragments will stick to the interlayer film, to avoid the injury to the humans by the sharp piece. The broken laminated glass is still a entirety, couldn’t be penetrated easily, especially for the high buildings, the objects and people can be protected well without dropping.

The life span for the laminated glass is mainly depends on the interlayer film. Normally the EVA laminated glass is mainly used as the indoor partitions, not suitable for the windows, doors and curtain wall. This kind EVA laminated glass will accelerated ageing under the sunlight, there is yellowing phenomenon 1~2 years after the installation, and the bubbles, frost and fog or phenomenon will emerge from the 2nd year or the third year. The aging speed for EVA laminated glass is faster than PVB and SGP laminated glass.

The biggest problem for the PVB and SGP laminated glass is the tackless. The glass and interlayer film is seperated without stickiness, then the security of the laminated glass is lose. For the life span of PVB laminated glass and SGP laminated glass, now there is no exact standards. Normally it is according the relevant data from PVB and SGP suppliers, that the warranty period for PVB and SGP is 5~7 years. In fact the life span for PVB and SGP laminated glass is not only depends on the interlayer film, but also depends on the film thickness, the quality of float glass, and the production techniques. To store and transport the laminated glass with suitable glass tools(such as glass racks, glass lifter sucker) is also important to prolong the life span.

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