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The safeguard measures for glass plates.

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The safeguard measures for glass plates.

To protect the glass surface against corrosion and scratches, the spacer between two glass pieces is necessary in the storage and transportation. The spacer could protect the glass surface against the corrosion by other acid and alkali materials, and protect the glass surface against scratching by other objects. Normally, the paper and power is the mainly used materials as the spacer.

The paper interlayer as the spacer could be acid treatment, then could have the neutralization reaction with the alkali which left on the glass surface. But in reality, the automatic glass packaging equipment is hard to pack the glass with paper. In the using, the paper interlayer package will be take off in advance, then collect the papers to throw it away or reuse it.

The powder interlayer package is suitable for the automatic glass packaging equipment. This can reduce the possibility which is occurred in the glass movement. The powder spacer is acidic and mould-proof.

In the glass deep processing, no matter it is paper interlayer or powder interlayer, both are need to take off. Sometimes, the paper spacer will have reaction with the alkali on the glass surface, to form the chemical reaction pollutants, we called it paper speck, it is very hard to remove.

For the powder spacer, it can be cleaned by water. The water-borne preservative in the powder can dissolved in the water, then it will be flush away together with other dispersed particles by water. Based on this reason, the water washing system is suitable for the powder spacer.

If the glass size is not suitable for the washing machine, the glass can be cleaned by manual power. Before the glass is cleaned, need to start the precleaning for the insoluble dirt, such as the glues on the mark and oil materials.

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