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The application of fire-proof glass in the architecture

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The application of fire-proof glass in the architecture

With the improvement of people's living standards and high speed development of construction, the fire-proof safety for the buildings have been brought to people’s attention. The fire-proof glass have superior performance on the strength, thermal insulation and fire resistance, is widely used in the facades, windows, doors and partitions in the modern buildings, plays an important role on the security and aesthetic.

The fire-proof glass used in the curtain wall.

The fire-proof curtain wall can stop the fire and smog from external insulation layer, to permeate into the building inside, could stop the fire from spreading effectively. It is also the important measures to reduce the cost due to fire and to reduce casualties. On the other side, as the curtain wall, the fire-resistant glass could meet the requirements of pursuing of aesthetic for the construction.

The fire-proof glass used in the windows

As the fire-resistant building accessories, the fire resistant windows plays an important role on the fire proof and fire break. The fire proof glass play a decisive role on the overall fire-proof resistance. Please note that different fire proof glass can be used in different fire proof products, but all need to meet the standards and requirements.

The fire-proof glass used in the doors

As transparent fire-proof materials, the fire-proof glass can be divided into heat insulation type and non-heat insulation type. For the non-heat insulation type fire resistant glass, once have fire, the back side which don’t touch the fire directly is easily to igniting the objects and burn people. So without special requirements, the fire-proof doors need to be installed with heat insulation type fire resistant glass.

The fire-proof glass used in the partitions.

The fire resistant glass is widely used as partitions, in the enclosed refuge floor in the high buildings, the enclosed protected stairway, the fireproofing subarea in large gymnasium, to control and stop the fire spreading by the horizontal direction. The partition structure and fire proof materials should both have fire-resistance, then to ensure the integrity of the whole system.

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