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The advantage s of glass storage rack

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The advantage s of glass storage rack

Now different glass storage racks have been widely used in the glass workshops, according different requirements and the special conditions in different glass factories, the glass storage racks have A shape, L shape, AL shape, drawer type, detachable type, harp type, electrical movable type, double layer type, and so on. The glass storage racks have many advantages to be used to store glass, followed is the benefits.

1 Good security performance. The glass storage racks are made from square steel tube(60×60×3mm) and premium rubber pads, on the turning corner, there are strengthen iron to reinforce the glass racks, it can bear heavy load without collapse. Meanwhile, there are rope holes for binding when the glass been putted on the racks, to avoid the glass movement. The inner-built rubber pads with steel plate on the base can be as the buffer, can reduce the scratch and bump between glass and racks. Then the safety of glass can be guaranteed.

2 Space can be saved greatly. When put the glass pieces onto glass racks and place the the racks orderly, the space in workshops can be saved greatly. Even the racks is without glass, it can be piled one above another, the covered space is small, won’t affect the normal production.

3 The efficiency can be improved. The workers can put the same glass pieces or similar glass pieces on one rack, and mark it with clear sign, when use it, just take it out. Need to take more times to find it, then the time can be saved and the production efficiency is improved.

4 Multiple applications. The racks not only stock the glass pieces in order, but also can be used to transport glass. When transport the glass by racks, the cost for other glass package can be saved, and the racks can be reused.

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