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How to store glass plate well?

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How to store glass plate well?

For float glass plates, especially for the glass with big size, to store it well without going mouldy is important. It not only need the required surroundings, but also need the common sense and rich experience. Followed is the tips to store glass well in your warehouse.

1 To pile up the glass plates in the dry and ventilated warehouse according the glass types, glass specifications and glass grade. If to store the glass in the outdoor temporary, must put the straw mattress or similar materials on the ground, and keep the glass far from the wet materials and volatile substances, such as acid, alkali, salt, lime, grease, alcohol and so on.

2 The crates cap should be upward. The glass is forbidden to be askew or flatwise. And the glass couldn’t bear heavy load. The glass thickness is thinner than 3mm couldn’t be piled up with more than three layers, and the glass thickness from 4mm to 6mm, couldn’t be piled up with more than two layers. For the stow-wood, its thickness should be thicker than 10cm.

3 The workers need to check the glass conditions regularly. Once the glass have damp condition, mouldy pieces and broken appearance, it should be stored singly and treated in time. When load the glass on to truck, the package should be upright, the arrow mark should be forward. Between glass packages, the space should be as tight as possible. The glass should be kept against crush and movement, when move it, please take great careful.

4 If to store the glass in long period, need to protect the glass edges and glass surface against crush and scratches. Even the racks is solid enough, need also to avoid the glass falling down by the high wind or other unexpected conditions.

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