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How to reduce the glass scratches?

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How to reduce the glass scratches?

The scratches on the glass plate in a problem for the glass factory, though the glass with scratches could be still used, but the appearance is affected too much, no customers would like to buy it. How to reduce the scratches on glass surface?

On the tempering process. If the scratches is caused in the tempering process, we could analyse it with the followed aspects. First to check if there is foreign matter on the rollers in the tempering furnance. The rollers need to be checked on by one, if there is abnormal conditions or slip phenomenon in the turning, or one roller couldn’t turn. Second, if there is problem for the light perception on the furnance door, there will have mistake when calculate the glass length, then the glass will hit the furnance door when entered into the furnance, and all the glass surface will be scratched transversal. Third, to check if there is glass fragments left on the air grid in the cooling part, the glass fragments will cause the scratches easily if it is left on the air grid.

On the transfer process. Normally the whole rack glass will be moved by overhead travelling crane or forklift, or by manual power with the moveable glass racks. Try to reduce the movement of the glass, especially to move the glass on the moveable glass storage rack, reduce the vibration between glass pieces. If need to move and lay down the glass, the glass bottom edges should contact with the support beam on the glass racks firstly, and keep a certain distance between the glass with the former piece, then pull the glass parallel to near the former piece. And different process, need to check the glass conditions regularly. Once found the scratches problem, need to handle in time and found the reason, to avoid more glass pieces are scratched in the same location.

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