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How to move big size glass plates by glass lifting sling?

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How to move big size glass plates by glass lifting sling?

With the development of society, many new products are produced in the glass filed, especially the glass with jumbo size and special shape, provide us many unique functions. It not only offer the light transmitting, but also have good performance on the energy-saving, sound-proof, decoration, security and so on. For the big size glass pieces, how to move it safely and effectively? Now we talked about the glass movement by glass lifting sling.

The glass lifting sling is also called glass lifting belt, it is light and soft, have fine outside surface, won’t bring any damage to the vulnerable objects. It is convenient even used in the narrow space, and easily to operate, move and store. The core bearing part of the glass lifting sling is the high-intensity polyester yarn, which can bear heavy loads without broken. The outside anti-cutting layer is made from high-tech materials, which is abrasion resistant and cutting resistant. When lift glass plates, the heavy weight from glass can be evenly distributed due to the special design, then the glass lifting process is safe.

There are clear marks on the glass lifting belt, and different colors can be easily to show the load capacity. When using the glass lifting sling, the lifting ears should be putted onto the two ends of the glass hanging bar, to fix the glass lifting belt with same length as the glass package. The pedestal should be put onto the middle part of the bottom of the glass lifting belt. The length of the pedestal should be thicker than the glass package thickness, when load or unload the glass by glass lifting sling, the speed should be controlled well and slowly. Before using the glass lifting belt, need to check if it is intact, the right way to use the belt can prolong the service life.

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