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Different types of glass cutting machine.

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Different types of glass cutting machine.

Glass cutting machine is a kind of glass deep processed equipment. With the technology improvement, the types of glass cutting machine is also diversified, and the intelligent type is more and more popular, such as the automatic glass cutting machine. This kind cutting machine is composed of underframe structure, cross girder structure, the table for glass deep processing, the tool bit part, the transport part, the position part, electrical control system and so on, its structure is complex, and it is advanced than the semi-automatic glass cutting machine.

The processing method of the automatic glass cutting machine is controlled by the equipped computer software, to draw directly, then start the operation. By this way, could design the glass shape in advance with computer, no need to make the mould with extra cost.

Before cutting the glass, need to make the typesetting. The purpose of typesetting process is to set more required glass pieces on the float glass plates, to improve the percentage of outturn. But the typesetting also need to be easy for cutting, couldn’t take too much time on the cutting.

For the semi-automatic glass cutting machine, it is similar as the manual glass cutting machine, but it is equipped with semi automatic button. It need to prepare the mould in advance before glass cutting according the required glass shape. Compared to the manual glass cutting machine,

It can cut larger glass size with higher efficiency.

For the manual glass cutting machine, it is the traditional type. This kind machine is composed of conveyor belt and table for cutting. The glass will be transported to the table for cutting through manual operation of the conveyor belt. Its advantage is that could cut the unregular shape with small size, but it is time-consuming and laborious, couldn’t make the mass production.

There is also water jet glass cutting machine, its full-automatic operation is controlled by the computer. Different from other glass cutting machine, it adopt high pressure water cutting technology, mainly used to cut glass with thick thickness. Through the computer numerical control, it could make the complex drawings in advance, then start the cold cutting. There is no thermal deformation and heat effect for this kind cutting, and the cutting edges is smooth, needn’t to cut again.

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